This is my first trip report so...First of let me say I booked this trip thinking that the Broncos would be in the Super Bowl. I am originally from Colorado and as an entire family we used to go to Vegas every year for the Super Bowl. This trip is myself, fiancé' and his friend and girlfriend. Las Vegas is my FAVORITE place to go and this is my 4th trip in just over a year.

Flew Sun Country out and will never fly them again. Much tighter cabin then any other airline I have flown. Hour late getting out and this really ticks my when I am going to Vegas, because every moment there is precious. Cabbed it to TI and checked in the invited guest line, which still took a little while to check in. Nice room with strip view of the new Wynn.

Now down to gamble...the real intention of going to the MECCA! I started out playing some $1 VP and could not even get 3 of kind. After losing around $400 in what seemed like minutes I decided to change my plan. Plus, fiancé' was hungry so we went to the ISLA in TI. We were waiting for our friends to get in and had to stick close to the TI. We had guacamole, salsa and chips to start. YUM. We had three beers, mojito and a $20 shot of tequila. This place has separate tequila menu of just tequilas. We shared some entree with steak and it was fabulous as well. I would definitely go back to the ISLA to eat on my next trip. I think the whole weekend we were all hooked on the different mojitos they had there. I continued to play $1 VP with no luck at all. I finally hit a 4 of a kind and decided to call it a night with a win at least.

Day Two
I am the person that no matter what time I go to bed the night before, I am up early in Vegas. I get up and head downstairs right away for the early morning fix. I tried more VP and it was still disastrous. I decided to go back to the ole' standby of BJ. I needed to try to win some of my money back from those darn machines that had been killing me so far. I play $25-$50/hand and got on a decent table with the auto shuffle and actually won enough to almost put me even again. The troops were then calling me to eat so I took a break and decided to fuel up for the long day and night ahead of me.

After breakfast, we went over to the Forum Shops and walked around. I was good and didn't buy one thing! I think had to do with fact that I was with my fiancé'. Usually I go with other woman and we can all shop together. I guess in the long run it saved me least left me more to gamble!! We got through there and went to get some fresh air. The troops decided that they wanted to sit outside somewhere and get cocktails. I took them over to the Carnival Court at Harrah's and I went in to gamble. My last trip I great luck at VP in Harrah's. Well...needless to say NOT THIS TRIP! Lost only a couple hundred and wanted to go play craps or BJ, but couldn't even get on a table! I thought I would just go join the group and enjoy the weather while I was there. Especially since in MN it was 19 DEGREES!!

We had Elton John tickets so we went back to TI to get changed and ready for the evening. We ate at Wolfgang Puck's Chinois. Two sushi appetizers, 4 entrees and 2 beers and 3 cocktails for $250. The food was extraordinary, but out waiter was not that good. When he first brought our ticket, it was wrong and he showed literally no interest in fixing it for us. He just walked away. We called the manager over and the table next to us complained of his behavior towards them as well.

Elton John was great! A lot of sexual innuendos, but entertaining none the less. I don't think his voice is as strong as it used to be in the past. He can't hit some of the high notes anymore. All and all though it was a great show. We went over to the Bellagio (my favorite). They went in the Fontana Bar and I played VP at the bar while they watched the band. No winning there either!! I then decided that I was DONE with VP. I went in to hang out for a while and the service was so horrible in there that we left and went back to TI. We went to Tangerine for some dancing. We walked outside to the patio area and they had the heaters on so high it was too hot to be outside! We all went in and danced for a while and then our friends wanted to go to bed. So fiancé' and I stayed up to play. Played a little craps, but couldn't get on a hot table to save our lives. We settled on BJ. We both did fairly well. We played at a single deck until around 5 in the morning. Went to bed still down a few thousand though.

Day Three
SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!!!!!! I am a huge football fan, both college and pro. We went and placed our bets first thing in the morning. If we won both our bets, we could be even for the trip! We were betting on Pittsburg all around. I am a Bill Cower and an AFC fan. We were invited to the TI SB party. This was fun...enjoyed the free drinks and food all day long. The game was kind of boring. At least until the end when Seattle is going down the field to score. If they would have scored a TD I would have lost one of my bets. I would have been ok with a FG. Thank goodness for the bad coaching by Holmgren! I won!! Back even for the trip!!!! BONUS!!! Friends went back to room right after the game. Fiancé' and I of course played BJ. We did pretty good only lost a couple hundred.

If you wonder why I barely mention the two friends that were there with us...they were not gamblers. Which is fine, but I am. I figured out I can't go to Vegas with non-gamblers. I think I had the worst service everywhere this trip. The good thing is that I came home with almost everything I came with. To me this is a winning trip. It is nice to go to the airport without having to dip into the ATM for the cab ride.

Next trip...April!!!! Vegas Baby!!! Can't Wait!!!!