Hello all! This is my first trip report, but 9th or 10th trip to Vegas since 2002. This is my boyfriends (BF) second trip. I just turned 35 and he's 33. This is a very long trip report, and pretty detailed to boot. I read everyone else's trip reports all day everyday and felt it was time to contribute my own report. I really enjoyed writing it- almost as much as the actual trip! I hope you enjoy it too and can make it to the end.
We had a direct flight on Tuesday from CMH (Columbus) to LAS leaving at 9 am on America West / US Airways. BF's mom was taking us to the airport and taking care of our 13 week old puppy while we were gone. I was a little nervous about this because BF and I live apart, but puppy lives with me, and no one has ever stayed at my house while I wasn't there. Not to mention that I don't wear shoes in my house and am always cleaning up around puppy and taking him out to make sure he leaves nothing behind. I just hoped she would be as meticulous at cleaning up after him as I am. So anyway, we get to the airport at about 7:15 am and get through security with no problems. We stop at Quizno's for two subs. We both said no olives, but I got olives anyway, so the guy attempted to pick them off with a fork. Not only was that topping wrong, but so was the sub. I don't know which menu item they gave me, but it wasn't very good. I barely finished half of it. I stowed the rest in my bag just in case I got desperately hungry later- I know- why save a nasty sub, well- I grew up with two older brothers who always ate up everything, so I'm always worried that there won't be any food left when I get hungry. I know- silly! But I packed the barely edible sub away just in case, we were getting on a five hour flight. BF saved the rest of his too only his looked much better than mine. Two subs, a diet coke and a sprite- about $19. The flight is uneventful (thanks God!) and we watch Talladega Nights on my DVD player on the way there. Very funny!
We land at LAS at about 10:15 am, 1 pm our time, and head to baggage claim. I love the LAS airport. The sound of the machines screaming, "Wheel! Of! Fortune!" and hearing the credits add up just gets me super excited and happy. We wait for what seems like forever for our bags to come out. BF sits down to finish his sub. I want a bite but he tells me to eat my own. No- mine is nasty! "You'd better not waste that sub! I paid good money for that sub!" He says. I say I'm not going to waste it, but I don't want to dig it out of my bag. So after exchanging a couple of dirty looks, he gives me a bite. Yeah, his sub is much better than mine. We finally get our luggage and make our way to the taxi cab stand. We walk the ENTIRE path of roped off sections- about 8.5 miles (give or take) with about 100 other people and finally get a cab to the Flamingo. I tell the driver to please take Paradise to Flamingo. It's about 11:00 am and I don't want a field trip through the tunnel. I've started checking out Map Quest and Yahoo Maps before each trip to memorize the shortest route to suggest to the driver. I've been long hauled two times too many- once through the tunnel to get to the Rio and once all the way to the end of the strip by the "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign- to get to TI! The driver is impressed with my knowledge of Las Vegas streets, and we arrive for less than $11 ($15 with tip).
We stand in the check in line at the Flamingo for about 45 minutes to find that our Luxury GO room with a Bellagio fountain view won't be ready until 4pm, so unless we want a garden view we should wait. I am one of those few Vegas people who actually care about the view- a lot- so we say we'll wait. Back down the escalator to check our bags including my $850 brand new Christmas / Birthday present, an Olympus DSLR camera. I tell the bellman that the bag is fragile, but not what is in it. He puts some special orange tag on it. I chuck the rest of my sub in the garbage while BF is looking the other way and off we go. I am walking on air and am so thrilled to be back in my favorite city.
We play some penny machines, a few video poker machines at the bar, and then take our Absolute and cranberries down the strip to Harrah's to play some craps. They have a bet called a Fire Bet at the tables which pays roulette type odds if enough points are set before someone craps out. BF looses $100, I loose about $70 and we decide to go back to the Flamingo to check in. The room, 18006, is very nice starting with pink, burgundy, beige, and cream striped hallways to the room. We have a great view of the fountains, Barbary Coast, and Bally's- I wish we were on the front of the building instead of the side, but she'll do. Our bags are delivered- including my bag with the camera- although the fragile shelf must not get used much because my bag is super dusty. Nice flat screen TV, DVD/CD player, TV built into the bathroom mirror, plus super soft bed make the room comfortable, but the kicker was the shower heads. One shower head was up high like most showers and two were at waist level. Whew! That was one of best showers I've ever experienced. Great water pressure too. Down side of the room: the glass bathroom sliding door made it very difficult to hide any "sounds" your body may make while within this sacred room, and there was a loud echo to boot. Not good for new couples or casual travel partners. BF and I have been together long enough to not be bothered by those personal sounds, so it didn't bother us much. I guess you could turn the bathroom TV on to cover. Also, the sandpaper they call toilet paper left a quite unpleasant chafe. I've used better TP at Speedway.
We freshen up and are off to the Rio for the Carnival World Buffet. I have three "must do" activities every time I'm in Vegas: Rio Carnival World Buffet, Bellagio Conservatory, and Le Village Buffet at Paris. We take the free shuttle from Bally's and get there in time for lunch before the change over to dinner. We charge $50 to the room at the Flamingo and fill our bellies. BF likes the shrimp and crab legs, and for the first time I enjoy the crab legs too. I used to just look at them and not know what to do with them, but this time I became a pro at opening them and dipping them in drawn butter. Yum! By the time we finish eating we're too full to get dessert, but I grab a cookie on the way out and we head to the Masquerade Village to play video poker at the Masquerade Bar.
One of the bartenders- Darryl- knows me and my cousin (my other favorite trip partner for Vegas) and always has the inside info on what clubs are playing good music, and sometimes he has free passes. I trust his drink making abilities so I just say surprise me. He tells us to come back tomorrow because he may have passes to 3121 to see Dougie Fresh. We agreed to return, but never made it back over. I know we would have loved that great old school show, but oh well! After $50 lost and five drinks later we prepare to stumble back to the Flamingo. BF wants to take a nap, but I'm still raring to go. It's about 7:30 so I convince him to play some more VP with me first. We loose some more money and head back to the room at about 8:30 with fresh drinks in hand. My feet are killing me anyway. I watch the fountains while he snores, then I decide to snore with him. The next thing I know its 6 am.

Day Two - Wednesday

I'm up and ready to with amazing speed and BF is still in the bed. He tells me to go on downstairs and he'll call my cell when he's ready so we can find each other. It's about 7:30 or 8:00 am. I play some penny Cleopatra, Zorro, and an African Queen game. I talk with my mom on my cell while I play and let her listen and tell me what to choose on a bonus round. The casino is pretty empty, but I'm in Vegas- I wouldn't care if the Boogey Man was sitting next to me "“ I'm thrilled to be here. I play on $15 for an amazing amount of time. An hour and a half, and with that $15 gone, I head back up to the room. BF hasn't even gotten into the shower yet! WTF? "I've been ironing my clothes" he says. "Hurry up!" I say, "The day's a'wastin'!"
 Forty minutes, and several news clips on ESPN later, he's ready to go. We walk over to Bally's and cut through to get to Paris. It's chilly out there! The line for the Paris Buffet is at least an hour long. BF refuses to get in line. "If you had got up when you said you were it wouldn't be this long!" "I need my sleep." He replies. Okay- let's go to the Aladdin / Planet Hollywood for their buffet. We get there head down the escalators and are fifth in line. Not what I expected! I've heard so many good things about this buffet but have never made it over. For $30 we catch the end of breakfast. I have my favorite vacation breakfast -because I never eat out for breakfast at home and only make this once every other blue moon- of eggs benedict and also eggs benedict with crab cakes instead of Canadian bacon. Delish! BF fills up on bacon, eggs, and sausage. We end up hanging out until lunch is served and try a few dishes. BF likes the seafood rice with shrimp, crab, and mussels. I like the Brushetta, steak tips, and mashed potatoes. The macaroni and cheese was pretty terrible, but everything else was great! Well worth $30 for two. As we leave we see the line that I was afraid of when we arrived. It had to be at least 50 people deep, above and below the escalators.
We wander around the casino and play a few machines. BF is handed two coupons for a free pull on the big slot machine. I already have a Planet Aladdin card so I take my pull and win $10 in free play. Woohoo! BF waits in line for his card but doesn't win anything on his pull. I turn my free play into $10 in real dollars and cash out at $8. BF wants half. What? Why? "I got the coupons!" He says. After much discussion I grudgingly try to hand him $4 which now he won't take. It was the principle of the thing he says. Fine, I'll keep my $4! We happen upon a craps lesson and find out what the C&E bet is and when you're allowed to pick up your bets and leave. Interesting. I play a few penny machines and win about $30. BF watches. They have really made a lot of changes since I was there in July. It looks really nice. I actually wouldn't mind staying there some time.
We walk over to the Bellagio to see the conservatory. I snap a ton of pictures with my new camera then we look around for a low limit craps table. The last time we were here we won about $400 each on a craps table. I opt to watch as BF looses another $100. I play a Star Wars machine and get the Storm Troopers bonus. I win some change and then loose it again. I tried a nickel Deal or No Deal machine and mess up on the bonus round and end up with $5 instead of $50 if I had taken the last offer. BF sits at a Double Diamond $0.25 machine and wins $80. I loose $30 or so. I order a Grand Marnier on the rocks, and BF gets an Absolute and cranberry. We somehow end up back at Harrah's where BF plays the big Wheel of Fortune machine hoping for a bonus round which he never gets, while I watch. I learned my lesson on that monstrous wheel back in July. We work our way back to the Flamingo to freshen up a bit. About this time BF gets a call from his mom saying the electric is off at my house, and she isn't staying there any more. "What about Dobee? [the dog]" BF asks. I didn't feed him so he probably won't go in his cage. I'll go back in the morning." She replies. What? How can you leave a 14 week old puppy alone in a cold dark house, without even feeding him? I'm worried, but BF tells Mom to go get him and keep him with her. I still don't know if she did, but he was alive and kickin' when we got back. A little smelly, but alive and kickin'!
Back to Vegas"¦ My feet are still killing me. I bought some new shoes before we left and while they felt great around my house and running errands they can't cut it in Vegas. I decide I can't take it any more so we catch a taxi to the Fashion Show Mall. I make a beeline to the closest shoe store from the entrance. I spend $107 on a pair of shoes that feel like butter on my feet (I always wanted to say that!) but ironically enough, are the same brand that I was already wearing! BF wants a snack so we stop at a little pizza shop in the mall and each get a slice, a drink, and share a Caesars salad. I honestly don't know how much it cost, BF paid and I just ate. After we eat, we walk across the street to the Wynn, with my feet melting in butter, and get Red Cards. I don't know how people earn free buffets as soon as they get their cards, but we sure as heck didn't. Even with the $10 in free play we got with the card, I couldn't win a cent. We order some more drinks and play VP. Then we have some more drinks- and suddenly I'm really mad at the BF and he was really mad at me. I don't remember what we were mad about, so I guess it doesn't matter now! We took our angry selves outside to watch the waterfall show. I had no idea what to expect, and BF had never even been in the Wynn before, so we sat on the patio, silently steaming, waiting for what seemed like forever for something to happen. Finally some music started and the lights changed colors. Ooooh. I was not impressed. I asked a guy working there if that was it and he said "Oh no! That's just one of the little shows." Thirty angry minutes later, the lights change again and this humongous frog inflates over the top of the waterfall and sings Louis Armstrong's "It's a Wonderful World." Its big bulging eyes were rolling all over the place and it turned its head when it sang. I must admit it was pretty cool, but since I was still being angry about something that I can't remember, I just enjoyed it without comment.
We walk from the Wynn to the Venetian before we're really speaking again, then we were mostly fine again. BF wants to stop at McDonalds so we grab some cheap food to take back to the Flamingo. We also stop and grab a bottle of apple flavored Vodka outside of Harrah's so we can drink it on the rocks if there are no mixers in the room. Of course since it's going on 8:30 BF is ready for another "nap" after his McDonalds, to which I "“uhumm- remind him that his last nap turned into an all nighter and that we were in Vegas! You don't sleep in Vegas! After a few boyfriend/girlfriend words, I head back to the casino to loose some more money while he dreams away. I order a 151 and Coke from the cocktail waitress and she brings me a big plastic cup, I tip her and take a sip. Bleh! I almost gag! This is a Coke with no rum. Horrible! I find the waitress and tell her the problem. She laughs and brings me a new drink. A few more stiff drinks later, but with happy feet, I'm almost ready to join the BF in slumber land. I call to see if he wants anything from the snack bar- I get a hotdog and am saddened to find out that they no longer serve sauerkraut with the hotdogs "“ after some consideration, I buy the hotdog anyway, a piece of chocolate cake that I will never finish, a Sprite for him, and go back to the room ($10). I put Superman in the DVD player, but I didn't get past the first 15 minutes. BF wakes up to grab his Sprite and tells me that my hotdog stinks. I try my best to make sure the smell envelops him as he sleeps. It tastes good to me! I feel better after that and join him in slumber land.

Day Three - Thursday

We wake up pretty early today, make up from our quarrel, and decide to try the monorail and go over to the Las Vegas Hilton, as in nearly 10 visits I've never been to that part of the strip. BF commented again on how strong my hotdog smelled the night before. I just smiled; we had already made up- no need to bring up past ills. The plan was to find something to eat for breakfast at the LVH and then ride the monorail to MGM to check into our room at NYNY and then walk to the Aladdin again to go to Commander's Palace for the lunch special. Most of that actually happened, but not all. We walk to the back of the Flamingo to get on the monorail. Twenty minutes later, we find it. I wait on the sidewalk while BF runs down the street (see how lost we were?) to ask some random guy where to go. While I was standing there a man drove up and offered me a ride, but I don't think he wanted to take me to the monorail. BF comes back and we figure out where we passed the entrance. We get two 24 hour passes ($30) and ride down to the Las Vegas Hilton. We look around a bit and settle for the café for breakfast. Our server was Francesca- she was very nice and teased my BF for changing his order after she had put it in. He had steak and eggs, and I had (of course) eggs benedict. It was really very good. I wasn't expecting it to be good, so I was pleasantly surprised ($30 again!).
It was still only 10:30 and we wanted to see the Star Trek stuff so we got player cards and a couple of 151 Rum and Cokes (you've gotta love Vegas!) and played some penny machines. He lost $20 and quit, I had to loose $50 before I'd quit. I just knew I was going to win on that penny megabucks machine! The Star Trek stuff opened and we decide that it's too expensive and just tour the gift shop instead. They have a little photo booth where you can add your face to a picture with the Star Trek crew. A lady was getting her picture done and I told her the only problem with the picture was that just from looking at it everyone would know that she would be the one who wouldn't make it back from the mission. She thought that was really funny. We took the monorail over to the Sahara just to say we'd been there. We sat at a bar to play VP and asked for Patron and 7 and an Absolute and cranberry- sorry- no comps for that. 151? Nope. What can you get? Well drinks. Oh well- I guess we'll be leaving I thought, but BF wanted to go ahead and have one, so we did. When he asks for another, the bartender tells him he needs to play at least $1 per hand for that. We say thank you very much and leave. During this time I lose $20. Those were expensive well drinks! I wanted to get a player card since I have a feeling this place won't be around too much longer, but the walk back through the casino to get it isn't worth it. We snap a few pictures and get back on the monorail. I used my anti-shake setting to take some pictures of the Wynn from the monorail that actually come out very nice. We get off at the MGM stop and walk the 15 miles (give or take) to the bridge to NYNY. BF had never been to the MGM or NYNY before and really liked the enclosure for the lions. There were two cubs out when we walked by who were sleeping, but be loves wildlife so it was still pretty cool to him. I told him when I was there in July the male lion was out jumping around and chewing on a huge ball, which was much cooler.
Anyway"¦ we cross the bridge to NYNY and look around. I tell BF that the casino is pretty small, but I like it. I direct us to the check in desk and are given room 1708 which is a corner room (nice) - though it is smoking (not nice) - because it had a view we were told. The clerk asked us how we liked the casino and BF said "I really haven't seen it yet." "Yeah, you have." I told him. The clerk agreed that the casino wasn't that big. I let him decide between staying at TI or NYNY and he choose NYNY (thanks for the suggestions from the Everything Las Vegas forum!). I stayed at TI once before and really didn't care for it so I was happy he chose NYNY. I've always liked the coziness of the casino, and the easy access to other casinos nearby. We get the key cards and get on the New Yorker elevators. We get off of the elevator on 17 and walk 6 and half miles (literally) to our room. It has a great view of the roller coaster, and MGM behind it. We can also see the airport, which my BF thought was very cool, and the Tropicana and Excalibur. We can also see the NYNY marquee which I actually had never noticed before. However, compared to the Flamingo GO room, there was no competition. This room was dark and small and the TP was just as rough. The shower wasn't nearly as nice, no DVD/CD player, and certainly no TV in the bathroom. I had double booked us at the Flamingo and NYNY- three nights at the Flamingo, and two at NYNY, though we were only staying four nights in Vegas. The Flamingo was comped for all three nights, and NYNY was comped for one night and $79 for the second (Friday night) with $50 in free play. We decide to stay at the Flamingo for the third night, and at NYNY for only one night. Back down to the casino where I loose about $60 at Crazy 4 Poker and am ready to go.
So- to finish our plan for the day we leave NYNY and head toward Planet Aladdin. We decide that it makes more since to walk directly to the Aladdin instead of walking to the back of MGM and then riding the monorail to Paris/Bally's and then backtracking to the Aladdin. So that's what we do; only BF decides that we don't need to cross the street until we get to the Bellagio crosswalk. I want to cross sooner, but I like to let my man feel like a man and make decisions. So we walk all the way down and then cross all the way back through the mall to Commander's Palace, which was right next to the entrance we would have entered if we had crossed the street earlier. We are informed that they are no longer serving lunch. Doh! Crossing the street didn't matter in the long run. I guess we just burned off some of that buffet food. So now, hungry and tired we decide to keep on walking. We stop at the outdoor Paris bar and get one of the two foot tall Eiffel tower drinks. The bartender has trouble charging it to our room so after 15 minutes of waiting and being nice, I ask for an extra shot of Grand Marnier and Tequila for our trouble. He gladly obliges and we head on down the strip. We pause at Barbary Coast where for the first time I hear Big Elvis singing. I go to watch even though this really isn't my thing. BF people watches on a park bench outside. I really enjoyed the show, but still slipped out before it was over. We play our way down to Harrah's with the intention of ending up at the Mirage to go to the Carnegie Deli, but never make it. That Eiffel tower drink is pretty potent! We go back to the Flamingo to decide where to eat. After much discussion, to find somewhere close we end up at Margaritaville. We order conch fritters as an appetizer (not so good) and I get the Cheeseburger in Paradise (burger just okay, fries pretty good) and BF gets the jambalaya (he likes it). We each get a couple of drinks and the bill is $60. Not worth the price. We should have gone to the Carnegie Deli. Of course since it's going on 9 BF is ready for bed. I find a VP bar near the pool exit and have several 151 and cokes and a long discussion about education and inner-city youth, whom I teach, with the bartender. I had to change the subject because I was getting a little too riled up at his lack of understanding of what some of these families deal with. I actually win $30 in this state and go up to bed at around 11 (2 am Columbus time).

Day Four - Friday

Up early again today (around 7:30) for our last full day in Vegas. The wind was whippin' all over the place and man was it cold. There were high wind warnings for the day and the weather man definitely got it right! I was so glad that we weren't flying home today. We walk over to Paris for the buffet although neither of us are really hungry enough for a buffet. We figure that breakfast anywhere decent will be about the same price. We get there just in time as there's hardly a line. We only have to wait about 20 minutes before we're seated. I get my eggs benedict and one of those chicken mushroom croissant things, and BF gets a couple also, and some sausage, eggs, and potatoes. I'm really not feeling too well- probably too much 151 from the night before- but I can't go to Le Village Buffet without getting a blueberry crepe. BF just watches me "˜cause he's already done. This came to $30 too.
We decide it's time to head back to the Flamingo to pack up, check out and move over to NYNY. I cash my $30 ticket from the night before and we wait in line to check out. Our total room charges are about $160. I have $110 in comps thanks to my trusty Total Rewards credit card and my slot play. BF has about $2.50 (he doesn't go to Vegas as often as me) which whittles the bill down to about $47.50. Not bad for all of the eating and drinking we did, plus three nights in such a nice room. We go to the escalator to grab a cab to NYNY. We take our elevator up to 17 and walk the six and a half miles to the room. When I say the walk to the room was long, I'm not exaggerating. They had to use three different carpet and paint styles just to finish the hall. I'm still not feeling too good, and BF is ready to check out NYNY since he's never spent any time here. I tell him I'll meet him downstairs in a bit. An hour, some Alka-Seltzer, and a shower later I'm feeling better. BF has called me three times to see if I'm okay- it's not like me to be in the room. Finally, I walk the long path to the elevator- I've learned that when I reach the third carpet print, I'm almost there.
We play some roulette- which is more fun than I thought it would be. We win and lose and win and lose and finally end up losing. The dealer asks if we flew in today to which we gladly say no. She says she wouldn't want to be in an airplane with that wind either. She is very nice, even though she has to reprimand BF a million times for reaching for his chips before she has removed the little marker thing. It becomes really funny after awhile because he just can't seem to remember. I guess he's too used to playing craps. We thank and tip her as we leave to play some random slots here and there. I use my $50 in freeplay on a $5 machine and cash out $70. That will be put aside to pay for the room. I'm still down about $450 for the trip, so is BF. I hate the last day in Vegas when you've lost and lost and lost and now it's almost time to go back home to reality.
My belly is feeling much better and BF is hungry, so he walks me around the NYNY "street" area to show me every place there is to eat. He's already scouted out the area, but wants me to choose. This is very sweet for a man who likes to make decisions about where we eat! He makes me look at every menu, for every shop before I'm allowed to choose. I'm torn between the fish and chips place and the hotdog stand. I figure a hotdog would be better for my freshly healed upset stomach, so we get two Chicago style dogs, a diet coke and a sprite, and some chili cheese fries. I get my chili-cheese on the side. BF gladly finishes off the chili for me. I actually laugh out loud at myself when I order the diet coke with all of that crap. The girl at the counter shrugs her shoulders and smiles too. She probably has people doing that all day, although I doubt that other people laugh at themselves while doing it. I just don't like regular pop (or soda for some of you). Everything is very good. I think the total was about $18, but BF took care of it so I'm not sure.
I convince BF that there is a great VP bar across the way at MGM. He really doesn't want to go back out into the cold and wind, but I convince him to go by saying the adult lions may be out. We make our way to MGM through the biting cold and wind and while the adult lions aren't out, the two cubs are and they are wide awake this time and tromping all over the place. They have these huge rawhide chew toys that are actually bloody from their mouths because they're teething. BF listens to the trainer intently. He loves wildlife. Watching the lions, of course, reminds me of Dobee, our puppy who chews on everything- including us. He's a blue (gray) Doberman Pincher and is going to be about the size of a lion when he grows up. I know "“ I said before, I don't even wear shoes in my house, so why have such a big dog? BF brought him home one day and my work schedule is more flexible than his since I have 14 weeks of vacation per year, and an actual scheduled lunch hour to come home to let Dobee out -so he stays with me"¦ but I shall digress no more"¦ BF adores the lion cubs and I watch the BF, adoring him. After the lion cub excitement has worn off, we go to the Centrifuge Lounge to play some VP. The paytables are lousy, but the music is slammin' or in English- really really good. We play for a while. I loose $40 and BF looses $20, but watching the dancers and listening to the music is almost worth it. BF is beginning to talk about a "nap" again since it's closing in on 7:30 pm. I'm like- "You're going to go to bed at 8 o'clock on our last day in Vegas?" "It's not our last day! Today's Thursday." "No, today's Friday. We leave tomorrow at 7 am!" He checks his watch and doesn't say anything. "Well?" "I need my sleep- we have to get up at 4 am!" I give up. We leave MGM and go up to the room. BF orders Jet Li's movie, Fearless, which was really very good, and says he is in for the night. As the movie draws to a close, BF asks me to go to the pizza place and get him some food. No. Either you come with me, or you get no pizza. He reluctantly agrees and while I'm tired too, I still convince him to come with me to play just one more slot. I don't see any of the Megabucks penny machines, but the regular Megabucks is worth $11 million, and since I could still quit my blessed job on that, I tell him I'm going to play my last $30 of the trip on it. Ten spins only. We actually count the spins so I don't lose any more money, and about halfway through the ten spins I hit for $550! Miracles do happen! I was like, Baby! Those are dollars! I'm actually up for the trip! He didn't believe me, so I cashed out the ticket to show him the total. He's surprised and a little jealous. I haven't finished my original ten spins so I put the ticket back in and win another $50 dollars and cash out $600! The sick to my stomach feeling of leaving Vegas with an empty wallet evaporated, and I could smile again, even with BF ready to go to bed! I give him $30 to play and he wins $50 but opts to play that away to $35. We still have fun counting down the spins.
We hit the pizza joint and BF gets two slices and a Sprite. I'm ready to play some more, so he takes his pizza up to the room and I go back and take more night pictures of the strip at MGM, Tropicana, and Excalibur. I snap a few more inside NYNY, lose 30 more dollars on the same machine where I won, then decide I want to take money home, not leave it here. I go get some lasagna and diet Coke from the pizza place, and go back up to the room. Sleep comes very easy, even with the light from the open curtains on both sides of the room. I want to watch the strip as I drift off to sleep.

Day Five - Saturday

Sadly, we're up at 4:30 am to pack and leave. I actually beat BF in getting ready and meet him at the check out counter. When he gets there he says he saw Omarion, a singer/rapper/actor who used to be a part of B2K, playing blackjack. I want to go back and see him, but it's already 5:40 and our flight leaves at 7 so I have to pass. I have a $25 gift card from the points on my Chase MGM Visa card, which knocks our bill down from $124 to $99. If you add in the $70 I won on the $5 machine with my freeplay; that brings our total down to about $30. Not bad for two nights and a bunch of junk food!
We catch a cab to the airport- $14 with tip and board our Continental flight, connecting in Houston, TX. They actually serve breakfast of Cheerios, milk, and raisins. BF accepts, while I decline. I eat his raisins though. We connect in Houston and run (literally) to Popeyes's for chicken sandwiches, fries, and drinks- $15. We board the plane (a very small
plane with two seats on one side, and one on the other) and start eating. The passengers around us comment on how good it smells. After take off, the lone flight attendant brings a snack of mini ham or turkey sandwiches, carrots, and skittles. I was very surprised. I take mine to carry home with me. Back to that irrational fear that there will be nothing to eat later! We use our own headphones to watch Gridiron Gang, which I doze off on a few times. We land safely in Columbus, with only one "Woooo!" on the ride home as we dipped more than expected upon preparation for landing. I hate to fly, so if I feel anything beyond completely normal I freak out. BF's mom picks us up from the airport, and, surprise"¦ she not only took care of Dobee, she washed the few dishes that were left in the sink, dusted, straightened up my bedroom and cleaned the master bathroom, which was the only part of the house I hadn't thoroughly cleaned! I slipped her an extra $20 and gave her a big hug. BF camps out on the couch while I give Dobee a much needed bath. He's very glad to see Mom and Dad again.

Over all observations from the trip: GO rooms at the Flamingo are very nice. Rio, Aladdin, and Paris buffets are still excellent. Breakfast prices at coffee shops and cafes are about equal in price to the buffets now, so go for the variety at the buffets and all the coffee you need. Don't get too angry with a tired spouse or boyfriend as they don't mean any harm by going to sleep early. And, Continental actually gives you something to eat without charging $5 - $10 for it! If you actually made it this far you are a real Vegas fan. I hope you enjoyed my ramblings. I'm planning another trip in early April with my cousin. She doesn't go to bed early, so that will make for a completely different trip! Thanks for reading and good luck on your next trip!