This is my 4th report here and I'll try to write this report the way that I'd like to see other reports written.

I came into town to attend a wedding and meet up with my brother and his girlfriend. I also came to do some serious gambling. This is the most I've ever drank, gambled in all my trips to Vegas.

Check-in consisted of the $20 dollar trick at the IP front desk. It's the first time that I did it and it worked! The funny thing is that the guy actually pretended that he didn't understand what was going on. As I walked away, he said "Sir, you forgot your money here." Well played on both sides. I get up to my suite and, sure enough, we've got a Strip view of Caesars Palace. Go Las Vegas Trip Reports!

I was waiting on my brother and his girlfriend to arrive so I hit the craps tables with a fury. 6 Sam Adams later, I was down $300 bucks and my brother and his GF finally show. We head out to Noodle Asia in the Venetian and we were not disappointed. Terrific food for lovers of Asian food.

The wedding was a New Year's wedding and it was alright. I was there to get set up with one of the bride's friends. Unfortunately, she wound up being the fat and ugly one. I was nice about it but I was not at all interested.

The next evening we saw Monty Python's Spamalot at Wynn. It was mediocre. Being a British comedy fan, I've got a pretty high standard for British comedy. Spamalot could have been done better but it simply wasn't. It wasn't worth $100 bucks I spent on each ticket.

I met up with 2 friends from Seattle and we promptly started hitting the craps tables. We got our butts kicked at IP, Stratosphere, and Casino Royale. The one bright spot was a hot streak at Main Street Station downtown. We each won $1000 each during this hot streak. Main Street Station is the place to be when it comes to craps. At 20X odds, it is considered the best place to play craps downtown, according to

Even though Casino Royale has 100X odds and is on the Strip, it is so crowded and the crowd is a little too sketchy for me. Despite being located downtown, Main Street Station has a better crowd consisting of a lot of Hawaiians on vacation from the islands. Besides, MSS has an amazing buffet and nice Victorian look to it. If you're a craps shooter, you've got to check out MSS the next time you're in town.

We hit up Caramel at Bellagio and had a few drinks. The girls are gorgeous but some are too beautful for most people. Others are for hire. We left Caramel and went to a number of strip clubs including Seamless, Treasures, Sheri's Cabaret, and Paradise. Seamless was by far the best one that we saw, both in terms of beauty of the girls and the overall environment.

It was a terrific trip where I could blow off some serious steam. Even though I just left, I can't wait to be back there. I hope to show up in Vegas sometime in the summer. Take care until next time and keep those reports coming.