I've always enjoyed reading trip reports but have never actually submitted one so bear with me.

Travelled from Bismarck ND TO Las Vegas on 1-04-08 via Allegiant Air and the air travel was great with no turbulance and arrival approx 5 minutes early. Retrieved luggage and purchased round trip shuttle via Grey Line which was a bit more expensive ($15.00) than last year but we have always had good luck with our return shuttle arriving when scheduled. On a couple previous trips we used a different shuttle service and they never arrived on our returned schedule so we were in a bit of a panic trying to get a taxi to the airport.

Check in at the Four Queens was quick and they had all of our previous room requests in their computer.

Quickly unpacked, hung up cloths, grabbed players cards and headed down to the casino. Arriving on a Friday we expected the downtown area to be crowded but throughout our stay there seemed to be a lot fewer visitors/gamblers than in previous years.

My wife and I are hooked on the penny slots simply for the entertainment of the free games and the occasional hit which keeps us entertained throughout our stays. Our slot play started out extremely slow with cash flowing rapidly, very few small hits and we wee both thinking--what happened to downtown Vegas? Our luck did improve slightly throughout the rest of our stay but overall, either we were really unlucky at picking the good machines or they were all on a down pay cycle.

Had a number of great meals throughout the downtown area while we visited Vegas. However, the Freemont seafood paradise was rather disappointing because the selections were not as good as in previous years. Specifically, there were no Scallops, no Lobster claws, the crab legs were frozen solid and there were not nearly as many fish selections as last year.

One other observation was the number of homeless or street people roaming in the casino's trying to push cashout buttons when players were not watching. We personally had this happen two times while we were playing on machines during our stay. Neither time was successful but on the latter attempt the man had his arm up ready to cash out my machine when I was visiting with my wife. She yelled, "hon lookout he's trying to cash out your machine" and he quickly ran out the door.

Overall however, it was a fun trip with a few wins, a quite a few losses and although we had a couple unplanned events we will return in a year and do it all over again. Best of luck to all you other lucky ones who have yet to visit Vegas this year!