I hope everyone like the reports I think they are great, giving an insite to hotels, gambling and food.

This Trips players my parents Rose & Dave, my girlfriend Doreen & I

Flight: Stewart Newburgh, NY to Atlanta to LV on Air Tran
Flight was delayed for an half hour de-ice the plane, the pilot made no time in the air, when we landed in Atlanta our plane was pushed back already, we had to get from one side of the terminal to the other via a tram. We made our flight because my Mom was in a wheelchair unable to walk so far to the other side of the terminal. Air Tran gave our seats away since we we not at the gate, we had to sit all over the plane. On the way home the right engine blew so we had to return to Atlanta for a new plane...what an adventure on the planes.

Hotel: Las Vegas Hilton sent me 4 free night base on our play in AC. My Dad and I did the $20.00 trick with no avail the clerk could not have been bothered finding us a better room. I gave her my 20 I took my Dad's back. My parents were on the 12th floor us on the 5th. Rooms were OK since they were free, they can't compare to TI or GVR. Gambling there was OK

Gambling: None of won we hit for small amounts here and there, we went to 12 casinos in one day. We found some by mistake like the Sunset Station great locals casino. Love the Red Rock and GVR they feel like home to us. Downtown was fun we went to almost all of them. We really did not stay on the strip too much we went to Bellagio to the the consevatory, it almost was the same as last year, went to the new Palazzo at the Venetian very nice not as elaborate as the Venetian.

Food: Ate at Nora's on West Flamingo great Italian food at a reasonable price, make reservations. Billy Bobs at Sams Town great steaks again with reasonable prices. Lindo Michoacan on East Desert Road great inexpensive Mexican food. Buffet at the Red Rock the Feast great food and a beautiful room. Ate breakfast at Terribles on Paradise solid inexpesive food we really only like breakfeast there diner was OK.

All in all a good trip went to fast as usual we should be going back for Christmas we decided it would be cheaper to go there then spend a fourtune on presents each year. Enjoy your next trip to the greatest place on earth!!!!!