Wife and I go to Vegas about four times a year and for one reason only...to gamble.

We're 25 cent VP players. No royal this trip but tons of 4OAKs at the 125 to 250 variety. Budget $300 each per day and deposited $600 each on this trip. 2007 was very profitable for both of us and we're hoping this was not the beginning of a you-know-what.

Paid $54 for three days rental from Dollar RAC. Great deal but you need to be able to tell the RAC agent NO a million times and ignore the threats of what you won't get if you don't purchase additional things. Why don't they just pay their people a bit more and charge $5 or $7 more a day, give the extra service and not scare the heck out of you? Was almost as bad as grinding out a deal at a car lot. The new car rental facility is fantastic.

The atmosphere at The Cal is like you've never left Hawaii. This is what the wife enjoys because we're approaching our golden years and it's fun being around "older" Hawaii people. Rooms clean, drink service excellent, food average but the comps are great.

We each usually run about $3,000 to $5,000 thru VP machines per day and qualify for free room and meals for up to six nights. VIP desk will also comp between $15 to $30 each for a meal at either of their "higher end" eateries.

Other casino visited:

Sams Town - Soooooo crowded and loud...had dinner at Billy BoBs and left.
Vegas Club - Empty and very quiet....deposited a few bucks enroute to the ABC Store. This place has really gone downhill...
Golden Nugget - People packed in like sardines...noisy and crowded...younger, rowdy, fun loving crowd...
MSS - Second home...Had only 5 scratch cards the entire trip...Pizza, Beer and Nachos excellent as usual..

Hope this report helps..