Second trip to vegas, last one 15yrs ago. Purpose of the trip was 80% to see the grand canyon. Left FNT around 2pm on the 19th. Had a stop in ATL then off to LAS. Booked through travelocity for flights/room. I began looking for deals about 1mo before and travelocity seemed to have the best package. I've used them before and have always been pleased. They even solved a BIG problem for me in the past. Anyway...the flight was typical. Trvocty automaticly gives you the GrayLine transportation to and from your hotel. At $22.00 for two round tripers, I didn't heed the advice of some other posts on "tripadvisor" and hooked up. They were right outside when we got our bags and we were at the Flamingo within 1/2hr. So far so good. It was 8:30pm and only 6 others in line at the checkin. I had heard about the $20.00 sandwich and had been practicing on the plane.
I got a 30's something dark hair female and slipped her the sandwich wondering if I should have made it a $50 instead, since I was staying 4 nights. She accepted the tip after I spoke the magic words "are there any complementary room upgrades available?". We had booked the standard Deluxe King and totally expected a clean but kinda run down room overlooking the rooftop air-conditioning. She exclaimed "I can put you in an Executive King with a view on the 28th(top)floor". I thanked her and proceded to to 28th floor. The view was Wonderful!! Overlooking the Mirage and the strip. With the drapes open the room was lit up like a Christmas tree at night. Headed down and picked up our total rewards cards with $5.00 on each. Got a little hungry and just wanted a snack and a drink. Found a mexican place in Paris?Bally's? Small little place right off the casino. $15.00 pitcher of Margarita's and some nacho's. I figured the Pitcher (around 40oz) would be weak for the $$ spent. WRONGO, The "little lady" I've been attached to for the last 30yrs was well on her way to bombville! I wasn't doin too bad myself. Well after that surprise we swaggered across the walkway to Bellagio for some fountain action. I swear the SAME homeless dudes were hanging out on the walkway the last time we were here! You know the one with the sign that say's "I Can't Lie, I Need Beer" kinda funny, alot not!
We walked the strip a bit just enjoying the nice night and each other. Went back to the room, yadayadayada. next day after breakfast at some rinkydink place in the Venetian we decided to try our luck at the home turf(Flmgo) first. Dumped $100 into a VP machine. Within 30min I was up $80.00 (shoulda bailed) but I continued on and cashed out $22.00. The little woman (who shall now be refered to as Bubbles McStumbles" takes her Comp $5.00 and multiplies that to a rousing $63.00 on some skank penny machine. As I'm strolling up the celebrate her good fortune some knob starts hittin on her. She attempts to repell this loser with the "I'm married and my husband is with me" line. I get close enough to hear his reponse " I don't SEE HIM! At that I let him "Feel" my 6'2" 235lb solid muscle mass frame bump hin and say "here I am sweetheart"! He quickly left. I may have exagerated the "solid muscle" part a titch. The rest of the week went about the same except for the Blizzard at the Grand Canyon.
Didn't see anything except snow...blowing snow. Finished the week up about $250.00 with LOTS of great memories. I'll have to come back again for the canyon in spring.