I was traveling with a lady that I used to work with: "M". We had gone to Vegas once before.
We left Appleton on Allegiant's direct flight....arrived in Vegas around 4:15. Grabbed the 108 bus, and arrived downtown around 5 p.m. I checked her into the 4Q, and I was at the Fitz (she is quite the snorer, and I am not a great sleeper). We met up for dinner at Magnolia's, and then spent the evening gambling.
I am used to a longer stay in Vegas, so kinda pace myself gambling. She did a usual 1st night, and went thru quite abit of $$. My room at the Fitz was comfy and quiet....nothing fancy, and I sure miss the coffeepots!
Saturday a.m. we met up around 8, and did some playing together for abit. We had breakfast at the cafe at the Fitz (comped), and it was ok. We did some gambling after breakfast, and played one session of bingo at the Plaza. No big wins for either of us.
Around 2 p.m. we took the Ace to the Fashion Show mall, and then went to the Wynn to pick up our Garth Brooks' tickets. I had lucked into them, and we were excited. A little bit of a line at the Encore, and then we were "stamped" and got our bracelets.
We then headed to Guardian Angel for Mass, and had a quick burger at Kady's (Riv) after Mass.
We had some time to kill before the show, so gambled a bit at Encore....I held my own, but M was losing.
Soon, time for the show! It was very entertaining, but I think because I am not a country person, it is not on my top 5 list. He does a great job, but I just didn't know the words to sing along! Loved Trisha's 2 songs....actually knew one of them!
Grabbed the Ace back downtown, and gambled a little before bed.
Sunday, April 11:
We had a quick breakfast at McD's, and then had some fun gambling at Fort Knox. We were each hitting bonuses, and cashed out ahead. After checking out, we took the 108 back to the airport and went to Dollar to get our rental for Laughlin. The line at Dollar was verrry long, and it took quite awhile to get the car. Then, I kept getting conflicting directions to get to the 215 to head to Laughlin.
Turned out to be quick and easy, and the drive went smoothly. It was very windy....glad I wasn't driving an RV!
I checked "M" into the Golden Nugget, and I went on to Harrah's. Loved my central tower riverview room WITH a coffeepot! We went to Papa Francesco's for pizza, and had a great meal, while being entertained by the fun guys that work there!
After dropping M off, I played some DDB at Harrah's with several nice hits. Ended up playing it back, but played for hours.
Monday, April 12:
Could not get hot water out of my shower, despite letting it run for at least 10 minutes! Called the front desk, and was told that it "takes a long time to get to the 17th floor!" Cold shower...uggh!
Played some BDW before heading down to meet M. We went back to Harrah's to eat at the buffet. Very nice selection, but she is not a breakfast person, so just not working out!
We ambled down the riverwalk, ending up at the Riverside for a movie. After the movie, it was pouring rain, and freezing!! We tried to get a cab, but none to be found. Eventually the rain stopped, and we walked back. Had dinner at Harlow's....spaghetti special, but it was tasty! I played some BDW after getting back to Harrah's, and did well. Quad deuces once, and 5 Aces twice. Tonight I cashed out with several Franklins!
Tuesday, April 13th:
STILL no hot water!! I was in tears when maintenance came and explained to me that the shower parts had been placed backwards in that room.....so the red zone only produced cold water....the green was where the hot was!! Sooo frustrating!
Drove down and picked up M, and we came back to Harrah's and played for awhile. Had lunch at the cafe....I had the breakfast burrito, which was good, but service is always sooo slow.
After lunch we parked at the Aquarius, and shopped for awhile at the outlet mall. Saw another movie, and then I dropped her off for the evening. A few hours of BDW, but no major hits tonight.
Wed., April 14th:
A HOT shower!! Woohoo! After donatng a bit to my BDW, I checked out, and went and picked up M. We played the 9 a.m. bingo session at the Palms, and then headed back to Vegas. The drive was easy, and I valeted at Harrah's to check her in. I then took the car to CC to drop it off. All was well, except the person at the Dollar desk in CC decided to take his break when I showed up, so I had to walk back later. Took my bags across to the Riv, and checked into Monte Carlo tower. Finally got the keys dropped off at CC, and then walked to Harrah's to meet up with M. We walked over to the Bellagio, and checked out the conservatory and fountains. Very nice.
I walked back....a beautiful night. A little gambling before bed, and called it a day!
Thursday, April 15th:
Again walked to Harrah's to meet up with M. We took the bus downtown and had some breakfast before playing some Fort Knox. Not much happening today, so we headed to the Plaza for Bingo. Took the bus back to the Strip, and watched a set of "Big Elvis". Very enjoyable. Had an early night, as tomorrow was our flight home.
Took a cab from Harrah's around 6 a.m. on Friday....$12 before tip.
Flight was smooth and on time....back home at 1:30!
I think it's always tough traveling with people who don't gamble/eat like I do, but things for the most part worked out. No trip planned at present....:(