Prelude: T- minus 15 days to trip.
Wife breaks big toe on her left foot. Comes back from hospital with restraining cast. She is upset that she won't be able to wear her new shoes to Vegas.

T-minus 7 days to trip. One of our cats is run over and had to be put down! I'm thinking what the F**k is going to happen next! They say things come in threes. Is our Vegas trip in jeopardy?? This will be my first trip to Vegas and my wifes second. I'm getting a bit nervous at this point.

Day of trip: April 26th 2010. Took off from Kelowna BC to transfer thru Seattle via Horizon/ Alaska air. Flight had no issues, all good so far. Arrive in Vegas 5:30PM!! We made it!! very happy camper. Grab our shuttle thru Bell Trans( I booked thru expedia) and we make it to the Riviera. Despite what I heard about the place, it was not that bad at all. I liked the place. Check in was smooth and our room was clean and comfortable. We ate at Kady's and the food was good.

Later we walked, (well i should say I walked, my wife hobbled, but she is a trooper that's why I love her so much!) We made it down to Treasure Island to see the Sierens pirate show. Cheesy production if there ever was one! But hey it's free and I'm in Vegas baby!!! We took the deuce back to the Riv and played slots. I was up $60, and went to bed around 2:30am.

Basically over the next few days we visited as many casinos as possible. And yes we got roped into a time share presentation( yeah I know what a newbie!!). I had no intention to buy I just wanted the free stuff they promised for attending, and I got it!! Really pissed them off, plus got a $25 gift card to Red Lobster!! Sweet score.

Visited on the Strip: MGM Grand, Luxor, Excalibur, Caesars Palace, Harrah's, Casino Royale, Venitian(didn't like the perfume smell in the casino),Treasure Island, Mirage, Circus Circus( what a freakin dive, worst casino by far felt like a cave and awful service), Statosphere, Sahara and of course our home base the Riviera which we both enjoyed very much. We also visited the Hilton which is just behind the Riv.

Freemont Street: Pretty much all of them. Kinda liked the Vegas Club, small,quiet, cashed out up $60 there. Loved the free shows, saw KISS and Queen lightshows and met about 6 different Elvises too. Loved all the cool neon signs and fun friendly atmosphere.

Food: Worlds fare buffet at the Riviera was not great, but not bad either. Lunch was better than breakfast. Kady's was very good. Courtyard grill at Fitzgeralds was quite good $9.99 10oz rib eye steak with soup and salad bar included. Very good! Used our $25 dollar card for Red Lobster, reminded us of the Keg up here in Canada, but less pricey. Food and service was very good.

Getting around: We found the deuce bus and for that fact the whole vegas bus system very easy to use, can be very busy, but gets you around. Beats walking and a 5 day pass for $20 pays for itself.

Sightseeing: We also booked a side trip to the Grand Canyon. All I can say is amazing doesn't begin to cover it. So beautiful and breathtaking. Great experience and memories.

Conclusion: Loved the Riviera would for sure stay again. Grand canyon and Hoover dam, worth the day trip to see!! Freemont street was very cool. Deuce bus was fun and great way to meet people and to get around. Avoid the circus circus at all costs!! And oh yeah, for all my fellow canadians here in Kamloops, Kelowna and general area: Don't transfer thru Seattle! Seattle while a fine city has a very old airport with great need for updating. It's a labrynth of hallways and shuttle trains to get to your connection. Already planning next trip, going to leave thru Bellingham next time, yeah it's a 4 hour drive from Kamloops, but it's half the price to fly out of there! Check out expedia and see for yourself! Hoped you liked my review. I had such a good time. VIVA LAS VEGAS!!!!!