Trip Report: April 5-9
Players: Me, Lawgiver (hubby) BossLady - a good friend for years and now my boss, and BigBoss - another partner in the Company who doesn't gamble.

Due to some health problems and other situations, Lawgiver and I haven't been to Vegas since August 2007. So when my work asked if the hubby and I would go for some comparison shopping at the Security Convention we jumped at the chance. Originally we had booked rooms at Flamingo as it is usually cheaper than staying at the Venetian where the convention is held. A couple of weeks after booking I got an email at home with an offer of rooms at the Venetian for LESS than what we were paying at Flamingo. Called BossLady and suggested we change. She didn't believe me at first but then thought of all the walking it would save her and said go for it. Sweet I've always wanted to stay at the Venetian. We got a great deal on a mini van for the 4 of us about 250.00 for the week all taxes included.(I use a mobility scooter so the extra room is handy).

Tuesday April 5th:
7 am flights on Southwest out of Austin for the BigBoss, Lawgiver and me. BossLady would be flying in from Ohio about an hour after us. The plan was to meet at the car rental lot. Our flight landed about 15 -20 minutes early and bags were waiting by the time we made it to the baggage pick up. Out the door and no waiting to be whisked off to the Car Rental. No line here, and out to get the car. Got our choice of Mini vans, put the luggage in and when back to wait for BossLady. Of course the good luck wouldn't hold out and we ended up waiting almost 2 hrs for her to arrive. Load up and head out to do some last minute shopping for the booth. Decided we were all hungry and BossLady suggested a Denny's - Lawgiver and I vetoed that and introduced BossLady and BigBoss to the Peppermill. Neither of them had ever eaten here and they were pleasantly surprised. After the shopping trip we head back to Venetian. Again it's still a bit early and no lines and yes, if we don't mind the Venezia Tower, we can check in. That will be just fine thank you! Rooms are very nice. BigBoss graciously gives us the corner room as it had just a bit more space on one side of the bed that would be perfect for parking the scooter. Huge walk in closet but not enough hangers...but we make do. Bathroom is lovely. Really liked the make up vanity. Bed is comfortable even if the pillows are a bit lumpy. I know I looked out the huge window but to tell the truth, I have no idea what our view was of. We don't spend a lot of time in the room and this trip would be no exception. BossLady and BigBoss have to set up the booth so Lawgiver and I are on our own till we meet up for dinner.

Had looked to book a show before heading out on the trip but just couldn't find what we wanted. Pulling in to the Venetian, we notice that Terry Fator is preforming at the Mirage. We checked tickets out online but thought maybe we could get better seats if we purchased them in person at the Mirage. Walked across the street only to find out that not only are they not as good as the ones I was offered online but they are about 30% higher. Okay, back to the room to purchase them online. Our first choice,Wednesday night didn't have any good seats left so we checked for Thursday night and got GREAT seats for a nice price, $85.00 per ticket instead of the $118.00 that Mirage wanted (and this was on the Mirage website...go figure!) All I can say about this show is that it is a MUST SEE!

Played some slots at the Venetian, lost some money, met up with the Bosses and had dinner at the Grand Lux. All of us enjoyed our food. Sat and talked for awhile and then decided to go ahead and call it a night.

Wednesday, April 6th:
Woke up about 8 am and took our time getting ready. Realized that the phone charger had broke so headed over to Fry's to replace it. Hit the convention floor about 11 am and finished up up about 5. BossLady told us that we were taking some clients who were also at the convention to dinner. We were going to pick them up at their hotel, Monte Carlo so we suggested eating at Batista's Hole in the Wall. Service was awesome and the food was good. Clients were impressed with the decor and we all enjoyed ourselves. Got back to the Venetian around 8 pm, dropped Big Boss and BossLady off and headed over to Excalibur for some Black Jack. We were very let down by the changes at Excalibur. The place seemed dark and depressed. We both sat down at the handicap table with 100.00 . It didn't take long to realize that the continuous shuffle machine was not our friend. Lawgiver lost his buy in and I cashed out with 60.00 of mine. Back to the Venetian where we took a few pictures and then we walked around the corner to Casino Royal. Played their "free" slots, watched the tables for a bit, waiting for a space to open up got bored and decided to head back to the room and call it a night.

Thursday, April 7th:
Again up around 8, ready for the convention by 10:00, and we were finished by about 2 after I had collected about a dozen bags. One of them was extremely nice having wheels and a handle which became a needed carry on for the trip home. Call me nuts but I love collecting bags - they are so useful for so many things. Walking back through the casino we noticed that the handicap table was a $10.00 min and had open seats so we decided to play for a bit before heading over to the Mirage for Terry Fator. Again we both bought in for 100.00 and after several hours of play Lawgiver walked away even and I was up 100.00. Time to head over to Mirage. Got there a bit early so did some shopping and then played on the slots to kill some time. I put $20.00 in a quarter machine and I was not winning so cashed out with about 12.00 and changed over to a .50 wild cherry, lost that 12.00 and put in another $20.00. Was up and down with a few small wins but nothing to cheer about, I had 3 pulls left to cash out with the $20.00 when I hit 3 wild cherries on 2 different rows for a $500.00 pay out. Cha-ching - cash out and back over to the theater. Terry Fator does an awesome show. We were entertained the entire time, loved our seats and really enjoyed ourselves. After the show we were to meet up with BossLady as this would be her last night and she wanted to play some BJ. The min at Venetian was now 15.00 per hand and she didn't want to spend that much so we got the car and went over to Sahara where we found a nice $5.00 table, dealer shuffle, 3/5 payout. The table was lots of fun, and you would have thought we had hundreds of dollars on the table the way we cheered for every win. One particular hand stands out as the dealer had a 6 up and everyone at the table had hands that were splits, double downs or split and double down. There wasn't a lot of room on the table for all of the cards and when the dealer busted it was awesome. The pit boss said we could take a picture but before we could get the camera on, most of the players had collected their winnings and the dealer picked up the cards - oh well it would have made a great picture. We played till nearly 1 am with all three of us leaving up - (I doubled my 100.00 buy in). Sadly this would be our last time to play at the Sahara as she closed just a few weeks later.

Friday, April 8th
We were finished with our duties at the convention, so BossLady said we had the day to ourselves. We spent some time shopping at the Gift Bonanza Store across from Sahara and then headed up the strip to Paris so that I could replace my Paris Balloon souvenir drink mug. Was surprised to see that the fountain outside of Paris had been replaced with a sweet shop. Went to the bar where they were out of the Balloons but were directed back to the mini bar by the buffet. We stood in line and talked to another couple while waiting to order our drinks. I ordered my drink, and realized I needed to go to the ladies room, so leaving my debit card and id with Lawgiver I took off, (this will come into play later) Lawgiver got my drink filled and met me as I was headed back to him. We decided we would like to play some blackjack. Although there were lots of empty tables and dealers standing around twiddling their thumbs, none of the handicap tables were open. We asked a pit boss if they would open a low table (I am unable to get into the tall "bar" chairs at most tables). We were told they didn't have enough dealers to open a table. WHAT? You have several dealers just standing there doing nothing, one in fact was standing at a table with her back to the low table...all she had to do was turn around and take 3 steps. I left feeling very insulted. I mean, it wasn't as if they were busy, that the tables were full or that there were people waiting to play - the dealers were doing nothing. I stopped at the concierge's desk to voice my disappointment and they offered to let me speak to another Pit boss but I was too angry to do so. So long Paris, sorry my money isn't good enough for you.

It was about 2 and since we needed to be available for BossLady when the convention was over at 4 we headed back to the Venetian and found our table open. Again we both bought in for 100.00. We were up and down and for the most part having a good time. Little did we know that there was an interesting string of events about to unfold. At one point 2 young Asian ladies sat down, one who was already pretty well lit and rather Loud. I'm going to call her Miss Tipsy, while her friend was rather quiet, we'll call her Miss Mouse. Well Miss Tipsy would bang on the table for every hand, calling out the "needed" card for every person at the table. She would high five us, saying "We" did it every time one of us won our hand - I've yet to figure out what she did to cause my win but whatever. At least she was having fun loosing her money. At one point she even hit on my Husband - I missed it as I was concentrating on my cards at that point but he politely ignored her. Miss Mouse told her to shut up that she sounded like a drunk W*&%% mumble mumble...I caught that. They would leave and come back 2 or 3 times before we had to leave. Around 5 BossLady called to let us know that the palates were starting to show up on the floor and that she would let us know when they were packed. It was nearly 7 before she called again. Hated to do it but had to cash out - so shoved the chips in my purse I was up but didn't take the time to count how much. We were now on a tight schedule as we had to take BossLady to eat and then she had to be at the airport around 9 to catch her flight home. Good thing they had decided to eat at the Treasure Island buffet. Food was okay. Hate what they've done with (to) the place. Gilleys at TI? Oh and not to mention the Hoochie Mamma Chaps for dealers. YUCk! BigBoss was meeting friends for drinks so after dinner we headed to the airport and he walked back across the street to the Venetian. After dropping BossLady off we headed downtown to play at Fitzgerald's. This has become one of our favorite places to play.

I bought in for 60.00 and soon ran through all of that so I decided to cash one of my Travelers checks. We bring our gambling money with us in Travelers checks for money management and I had only cashed 2 up to this point so technically I was still playing on Tuesday's money (remember I still had my chips from the Venetian) So I head over to the cage only to find that I have no ID. Back to the table, dump the purse on the empty table next to ours, nope, no ID. Go through all of the pockets on my scooter's basket cover - nope not there. I go over the events of the day with Lawgiver, and realize that the last place I had the ID was at Paris. He checks his pockets swearing that he thought he handed it back to me with my drink. I'm positive he didn't. So I head up to the front desk to see if I can call Paris to see if the ID was turned in. Front desk was able to provide me with the phone number to Paris but not a phone. Back to the table to get the cell phone from Lawgiver. As he reaches in his shirt pocket to hand me the phone, he gets this sheepish grin on his face and starts apologizing. My ID and debit card are behind the phone in his pocket. The Pitt boss has been talking to us all night and says, oops - someone's in TROUBLE. I grin and say I won't kill him yet, but I'm 4'10" and in Texas we call that a shotgun. Gets a laugh all around, I FINALLY get to cash my check and start playing again. We leave around 2 AM with Lawgiver having tripled his buy in and me having doubled mine.

We pull into valet at the Venetian and I notice several young Asian women piling out of a Stretch Limo. 5 or 6 of the girls are just standing in a group when the driver comes around and helps one of them pull another one out of the car. Yep you guessed it...Miss Mouse is having to help the driver pull Miss Tipsy or should I say Miss Sloshed! out of the Limo. I point this out to Lawgiver and sorry to say we both started laughing as she is standing there wobbling, shoes in hand, barely able to walk. Once inside the laughing became almost uncontrollable as we watch Miss Tipsy do the Q'bert Lurch. If you haven't seen the long hallway leading from the lobby to the casino, the tiles are laid in a pattern that gives the optical illusion of block steps. Reminds us of the old Qbert video game. The floor is smooth as glass but I can't walk on it. I see steps and apparently so did Miss Tipsy. She was pretty well lit at 2:30 this's now 2:30 am and apparently she hasn't stopped drinking. We laughed all the way up the elevator ride. As we get to the Venezia lobby, there is a young man who is lost. He can't find the casino. Lawgiver starts to give him directions when we both realize that he's too drunk to follow them. So Lawgiver plays guide and shows the guy the elevators - don't know if he found his way to the casino or not . . . and then on the way to the next set of elevators, we found another couple who were lost as well, we had them follow us but got off on our floor while they were arguing about being on the wrong floor - the Venezia lobby is on the 10th floor, but the rooms numbers start at 1 - confusing I know...hope they figured it out because we headed off to bed still laughing.

Saturday April 9th:
Last day here, so sad but we have a late flight so it's not a total waste of a day. Eat breakfast and then head over to our table. Same dealer is here as yesterday so we tell her about Miss Tipsy and Miss Mouse for another laugh. Table minimum is $15.00 this morning. OUCH - but oh well. Doesn't take long for Lawgiver to loose his buy in of 100.00 and then an second 100.00 gone. I'm down to 50.00 of my 195.00 buy in. This is not good. I suggest that we go over to the Riviera to see if they have a lower table. Lawgiver agrees and off we go. Wow is this place empty. Lots of floor space. Hope the remodeling starts soon. But we find a 5.00 table and sit down to play. A mother and daughter are playing and the Mom steps away to make a phone call. We are almost through the shoe when the daughter tells Mom, that her being gone from the table is messing with the cards and she needs to come back so we can win. Sure enough Mom sits down and we all start winning. The other 2 seats are soon filled and the table is having a great time. Lawgiver triples his buy in, winning back his losses from the Venetian and leaves the table to cash out. I keep playing, thinking I just need to win 2 or 3 more hands to double my buy in. Lawgiver cringes as I split 6's 4 times, doubling down on 2 of the hands...I now had 50.00 on the table - that's pretty rich for my blood but luckily the dealer busted and I won - and I had tripled my buy in, not doubled it. One of my stashed chips was a black. Lawgiver notices it's nearly 3 and we need to get the rental car turned in and get to the airport so I cash out and leave Vegas a winner!