The Tropicana turned out to be wonderful. I have to admit, I was a little nervous. Would everything live up to the hype? Well, it did. We had a good flight, pilot made a superb landing. We never even felt the wheels touch the ground. A little different from last year when I got sick because coming in and landing was so rough. I realize it is not completely the pilot here, Mother Nature was mainly at fault last year....

Anyway took the Showtime shuttle (paid round trip)and we were the third stop (after MGM and NY NY) and those 2 stops took a minute each. One couple did not even have luggage, ???.

Entering the hotel, the doormen greeted us like long lost friends. Checking in was simple, we were in the VIP line. First time to be a VIP and only because of the infamous Nicole Marshall. Got our room keys and off we go. Room was spacious and clean. Met up with our third person (fee waived, thank you again Nicole!) and we played in their casino for the evening since it was pretty late.

Slept like babies and got up the next morning to have a bite to eat. We went to America at NY NY. It took a long time to get the food, but it was very good. Headed back to the Trop and the pool. Pool area is fantastic. They have a lot of employees to take care of any little issues with seating and drinking and such. The music was a bit loud and not my type, but it could be so much worse. They are appealing to the masses, I get that. Weather was nice and warm and sunny.

After several hours by the pool, we cleaned up and dressed to go out on a walk up the strip. No big wins, but at every casino we played at, we were able to win some small jackpots and even come out ahead a time or two. We went downtown, had dinner at Tony Romas, played just about everywhere and saw "American Pie" for the FSE.

Pool again the next morning after muffins and coffee at the quick deli place (don't remember the name). Pool water was a little chilly. Great weather here again, much better than home!

Thursday evening we went to see "Human Nature". Fantastic show, who would have guessed that 4 white boys from Australia could pull off a Motown concert! By the time it ended most everyone was on their feet dancing. Well worth it.

Friday was more pool time, a little windy that day. Then we split up, two of us going to Hooters for the "Men of X" show and I just casino hopped. They said the show was ok, maybe on the cheesy side. Nothing to compare to??? I lost at MGM and won it back at PH. Lost at Paris and won it back later at Gold Coast. Lost at Orleans and won back at MGM before meeting up with the other two.

One of our group left early Saturday am. So the remaining 2 of us, because we were leaving this evening, decided to skip the pool and casino hop. Took the monorail up to Harrahs and walked up to the Wynn, playing along the way and having a great time.

Had dinner at Cafe Nikki at the Trop on our comps. Food was outstanding. I could make that a regular stop on our next trip. They have a good variety on their menu and all the restaurant personnel were very attentive. We were a bit rushed at the end and they worked with us, so we could get our shuttle to the airport.

We never called the shuttle to notify them 24 hours in advance and they accommodated us anyway. The shuttles get a bad rap usually in reviews, but I have to admit they came through for us and I personally have never had a bad experience on them.

The Tropicana is remodeled and going strong. They are everything they promise on the website and more. Some might not agree with that. If not, you have super high expectations and will let any little detail bring your down. All the people we came in contact with at the Trop were genuinely warm and welcoming. Everyone greeted us with a smile and went out of their way to make sure we were taken care of. This is not the Wynn and they don't claim to be. They fill in a gap at that end of the stip. Their pool area is lush and pleasing to the eye. Their casino is small, but they have room to grow. The rooms are super comfortable. Their personnel shine! Thank you Tropicana for making my Vegas vacation one to remember.