My wife & I have been visiting Las Vegas since the early 80's, but this is the first trip report I've ever made.

We flew in on Delta from Evansville through Atlanta and arrived Thursday evening. Taxi line at McCarran was pretty long but I've seen longer. It took about 1.5 hours from touch down to get to hotel. Wife's (expired) Platinum Rewards Card got us a quick check in. More on that later. Room was free for 4 nights due to wife's propensity for losing money to the slot monsters. In the room by 9:00 p.m., quick unpack, and then back to the casino. We both play a lot of penny slots, and I like 3 Card Poker, Blackjack, and Video Poker. I hit a straight flush the first night on 3CP and went to bed +$300. Wife hit a $350+ penny slot jackpot but had given it all back before she hit the bed at 2 am.

Friday dawned with breakfast at Flamingo buffet, went to front of line with (expired) Platinum card, and meal was free due to Rewards credits. We have always found this buffet to be clean with all the normal b-fast items as well as fruit and other stuff if you are into that for breakfast. We went to IP and Harrah's and played slots until daughter flew in from San Francisco after lunch. She works for Yahoo and lives in Omaha, NB, but has to make business trips frequently to SF so it is convenient to meet in LV on her return trips. We ate at the Flamingo Restuarant and could not finish what we ordered. Not cheap but not outlandish. We then went to Mirage so my wife could pick up her 2 tickets to LOVE. We have never been into going to the expensive shows, but she decided to treat the daughter to the Saturday night show with seats in the 29th row (pretty close). We then took a taxi to Monte Carlo so I could collect a $520 win on the NCAA winner UConn ($20 at 25:1 odds) that my work cohort made for me when he was in LV the weekend b4 the tourney started. We played slots there and then visited Aria, as Center City was under construction that last time we were out. It is nice but a pretty good hike off the strip. We decided to save the other CC locations for another trip, and headed over to PH, then Paris, then back to F for the night and bed. Eating happened somewhere but I don't always remember where or what it costs, because it's never cheap like it used to be when you could get buffets for $3 and steakes for $10.
Saturday arrived, and we ate at the buffet at Imperial Palace and then daughter and I sat down to play 3 Card Poker in the area where the dealers sing and dress up like celebrities. D got up after losing $40 & I sat and lost $200. The highlight of Saturday for me was to be the Kentucky Derby. Though living only 2 hours away, I've never been to Churchill Downs, nor been in Vegas on Derby Day. I spent the rest of the morning and much of afternoon playing Keno (with no luck at all), which is right next to the Sports Book, watched a lot of horse races, and made several bets on the Derby, but was disappointed in the 90 minute delay between race 10 and the Derby race 11. Guess they are giving everyone lots of time to get their bets down. Mine were down early, and unfortunately the pace of the race was slow which did not set up the closers that I was betting. A 20:1 shot who had never raced on dirt wins the race and I lost my $78 of bets. I met the wife and D at Harrahs (they had been shopping and playing slots much of the day), played some more slots and ate early dinner, then they got ready for the show and I went back and took a nap. Got up about 9 and promply went to 3 Card Poker area near the exit to Bill's where the dancers work above the tables, and gave them another $200. Met wife & D again at Harrahs after the show and continued donating to the slots. Bed came around 1 a.m. Sunday morning brought breakfast at Imperial Palace buffet, which I was not impressed with, and then we walked up the strip to Venician, Wynn, & Encore. More slot losses. We started up the strip toward Riviera, but the wind was blowing about 50 mph, so we took the bus ($5 each, what happened to the $1.50 trip ticket???) down to New York New York and grabbed some pizza for early dinner, wife & D sat and drank in piano bar for a bit, while I continued to unsuccessfully locate a video poker or slot machine that woule pay off. We then went over to MGM, caught a cab to Flamingo, and spent the rest of Sunday evening losing at the home hotel. Flew out Monday with only a minor security issue in McCarran that kept us stranded by the tram for about 20 minutes with German Shepherd dogs roaming around.
Overall trip for me - about -$900. Wife not sure but probably close to -$1500. Daughter - don't know, but she lost $100 I gave her and some mom gave her too. All in all, pretty expensive 4 days, but wife got to be with D on Mother's day, I got to see D, and we got home OK. We'll no doubt be back again and maybe my next report won't be so damn long adn have more talk about winning money.