Vegas 12 May to 19 May

On this trip my sister V will be with me and we will be meeting our friends C and S

12 May - left Toronto @ 6:45 AM on Sunwing, great flight on a great airline. Arrived just before 9:00 AM and we took the shuttle to the Rio. We ask for and received a joining rooms. I went into the noon poker tourney at the Rio but with only 20 entrants and the fact I was card dead meant I went out 12, still had fun. Met friends C & S and we decided to go see the cosmo and have dinner there.

We all loved the cosmo, the chandeliers have to be seen to be believed. We went to the buffet with very high expectations after reading some reports here. Well all I can say is the Cosmo met and exceed my expectations. Everything is very fresh and displayed in a very tempting way, I love the food cooked in small portions, seems to keep it hotter. Now for my pet pev, I walk up to the carving station to see the roast beef with the blood running out of it and the guy behind the counter speaks up and says - can I grill a piece for you sir- I am in heaven and the beef after being cooked was very tasty and very tender. The fruit was the freshest we have seen on any buffet and the deserts were worth the price of admission on their own. I can not give the cosmo high enough praise. Lost a few dollars in the slots and called it a night around 10:00 PM.

Friday 13 May

Mornings are all the same way I go down to Starbucks in the lobby and get coffee and pastries and we spend the mornings chatting and getting ready for our day, tonight we see Terry Fator.
Lunch was at Johnny Rockets at the Flamingo, good for a hamburger joint, still like Wendy's better.
We ate dinner at the Mirage, I can always find lots to eat here and everyone was happy with the dinner.
All but my sister v have seen Terry Fator before and we all loved the show. He did more singing and less comedy this time but I still think he has one of the best shows on the strip. And he allows you to take pic's during the show and take small video clips he just asks you not video the whole show, more than fair.

Saturday 14 May

Wanted to go to the magic show of Rick Thomas at the Sahara but Friday night was his last night. We decided to go to oshea's and see Dirk Arthur. Tickets are $ 42.00 but they offered a deal at 2 for 1, we decided to go. Well it is a small show room, maybe 100 seats. If you saw on TV the masked magician and how he showed how the tricks were done then you saw this guys act. Sad part is for that price the show was less than an hour and he showed about a six minute video of the tigers. My recommendation is stay away.

Sunday 15 May

Went to Grand Lux for lunch with more friends from Henderson. I had the chicken pot pie, all I can say is wow it is the best. The freshest ingredients and sooo much chicken. All white meat and pieces about 2- square. The top crust melted in my mouth. Everyone loved the meal and seven of us left full for $ 120.00 including tip. Great value.

This afternoon we went to the MGM Grand and went to the C.S.I. Experience. I thought it was OK but everyone else thought is was fantastic, for $ 30.00 it was OK. Went to the Rio buffet for dinner and found lots to eat and two roasts of beef, one rare and the other cooked well done, Kudos to the Rio. Sunday nite was spent in the room watching survivor. Ya in las Vegas and I HAD to watch TV.

Monday 16 May

Went to the Beloigo buffet for lunch, most things were ok but the sliders were all rare and when you bit into them the juice that ran out still was red with blood. Now I like my meat well done and I ask the guy if I can get a couple well done and he says we are not set up for individual orders sir. Looking at the plates on the tables half the sliders were being thrown out, just a sad waste. We decided to go the the Gold and Silver Pawn shop from TV. There was no line to get in and there were none of the stars there. Saw lots of things from the TV show and we enjoyed it very much.

We decided to go to the Tournament of Kings at the Excalibur, it was a fun show and worth the price.

Tuesday 17 May

The girls want to go shopping and we head for the forum shops at Ceasers. This place is so big and all that walking wore them out and they wanted a nap. We head back to the Rio about 2:00 PM and they go up for their nap and I decide to play some poker. I sit at the only game going and it is a 1-3 NL hold em. Well all I can say is the Rio has really relaxed their rules, so much I am not sure I would play there again. First off, they allow people to play and talk on their phones while they are in a hand, play was held up on a regular bases because we were waiting for someone to look at their cards as they were talking on the phone. As bad as that was there were three guys who knew each other and they are sitting at the table texting, now I have no idea who they were texting but it sure could have been each other. After watch this go on for 90 minutes and being down only $ 23.00 I decide to call it a game as I do not like the situation.

Wed 18 May

Went to Hash House at the Imperial for lunch, I went with the chicken pot pie and was so disappointed the crust was not eatable and the ingredients were quality the size was a joke. The potatoes were full size and cut in half and the texture was more like chunky soup. V & C had pancakes and they were big but both agreed they have had better, C ordered a side order of bacon that turned out to be four small slices for $ 10.00. Great ingredients poorly put together and grossly over priced. Will not return.

Went to the Flamingo buffet before the show and it is limited. The roast beef was rare again and when I ask for some to be well done the guy says sorry can not do that sir. Not a problem I will make sure I do not eat there again.

Tonight we went to the Donny & Marie show. This is a great show and these two really are funny and they interact with the crowd the whole show. If you can only see two shows make it Terry Fator and Donny & Marie.

Thursday 19 May

left to go home, Ontario Canada @ 8:00 AM loved the trip and hope everyone enjoys the report.