Left Mcallen at 10 and hour late arrived at 11. Shuttle to Gold Coast was not as bad as I figured, being the last stop, arrived at the Gold Coast a little before 12. So it was about 20 minutes. The driver was very good at avoiding traffic and the strip. I was impressed and doubled my tip. Went up to the room and it was pretty much as reviewed. Nice for the price and a small bathroom. I had gambled at the GC some before, but I had never stayed there. I didn't gamble that night to keep my ADt up and my eyes get tired and there is a tendency to make mistakes because my do enjoy my cocktails when I gamble. I am a 25ct. VP player, so I have to keep my wits about me. I play a little nickel old time 5 lines and a dollar vp when I feel brave, my bankroll can't take much of the dollar.
The breakfast buffet is excellent for the price with card it is $6. They had a omelet station, eggs benedict on the buffet, mexican or tex-mex. The french toast was better than average. Plenty of breakfast meats, and other various breakfast fare. You are going to get a better breakfast buffet at the Paris, but it is $17 and some of the items are not better. To give you a little of my background in food, I grew up with Italian grandparents in NYC. My brother was a owner and manager of restuarants in NYC. I worked in kitchens and the floor. I make my pizzas and stromboli's from scratch and pancakes also. But I have been a teacher most of my life so I have to look for value. Gambled some in the morning, went downtown to get a pass came back and gamble into the afternoon and then went to the Bellagio buffet which is excellent on the weekend, the food speaks for itself. Went back to the GC and played till bed time. Up and down lost about 100.
Saturday woke up and had the buffet played before and after. Then went to the Tuscany had to play bonus which I don't prefer, I like JOB you lose money slower and it seems my 40AK are inconsistent, I have some really bad streaks of going hours without one. Well I was very luck and actually was up $150, but played till I was up $100.
Went back to GC and played till nighttime buffet just ok for $12.
Play quarters after dinner lost 100. Got on a dollar machine and won a 100 and got off pretty quick. Then bedtime for this bonzo. I will finish this report later.

Sunday- found me going to the Ellis for steak and eggs. Very tasty and I used some points. Next up a visit to the Cathedral for Mass.
It was different and should I say exciting. 3 priests did the Mass and one sang portions of the Mass prayers and songs. His voice was Las Vegas quality so it was a treat. I must say though I value the meditation and reflection of the Catholic faith. Ok! Sorry for that guys. Next stop using the RTc Deuce, was downtown at the El Cortez using a $10 free play coupon. There JOB was poor compared to the last time I was there, so I didn't stay long. Their drink service wasnot that good either. I then took a short walk to the 4 Queens and played some quarter full pay JOB. Met a nice couple from Montana, enjoyed there company for a half and hour or so and a $50 gain. Walked around they had an old car exhibit my middle son would have enjoyed. I didn't mention I had taken my oldest son to vegas on his 30th BD and we stay at the EC. Our room was terrible cold, small and noisy and rundown. I always felt bad because my other 2 sons were taken to much better rooms by yours truly and I paid less money. However, my oldest said he liked it because they made the movie the cooler there. Headed back to the GC and ate by Ping Pongs I missed the dim sum but had Mu shu pork and pepper and salt pork chops. Too much for me to eat, but took it back to the room with intentions to snack later and then I thought that I would offer it to the maid. I know enough Spanish to ask her if she liked the dish and rice. So it was well received. Gambled the night away and enjoyed the company of an older couple that I had met the night before, I lost about 100.
Monday - finds me at the buffet and then checking out and taking the 202 to Terribles where I meet my friend Bob, we check in our bags and play for a while. We then out up to the strip buy some tickets to Crazy Girls. We ate at Buca's that night pretty good. We went to the show that night very good, pretty girls, talented dancers. Next day we go to Sam's Town for the first time. I lose about 60 on the bonus poker machine. It is a very attractive place. We also ate lunch at the deli in NYNY. A dinner buffet was a disapointment to Bob, but expected by myself. Our last night we ate at Lawry's a treat from Bob. Incredible service and a delicious Prime Rib dinner with all the fixins. I had a losing trip in gambling and actually lost a ticket for $200, but I had a great time and looking forward to my July trip. Good Luck