We (the wife and I) had a nice stay at the Gold Nugget in a gold club room which was a little expensive but we decided to splurge to celebrate a special occasion. The weather during our stay was perfect, sunny with temps between 75-80 everyday (it was below freezing back home).
    Nice perks associated with our gold club room; Free coffee and snacks, free Wi-Fi, free spa use, turndown service, VIP line passes throughout the hotel, VIP check-in and very nice room accommodations. The gold club rooms are located on the 16th and 17th floors, all non-smoking. Access to these two floors require a special card key for use in the elevators which adds a feeling of security.
    We saw the Mike Hammer show, very funny guy and well worth seeing. We also saw Tribute to the King which we also enjoyed. Having been to Vegas numerous times we spent our entire trip downtown without visiting the strip.
    We gambled with mediocre luck which means we went home with less than we came with. Wife played slots which she said were really tight and I played poker and blackjack.
    6/5 blackjack tables downtown??? NOOO!! Corporate greed is ruining Vegas because there are too many people who are willing to sit at these tables and play against these horrid odds. I believe most people don't even realize they're being taken advantage of.
    There are casinos downtown with 3/2 odds but these casinos have taken away long standing blackjack rules such as the opportunity to double down after a split.
    Casinos act like they're doing you a favor offering side bets on blackjack tables. FYI these side bets have huge odds in the house's favor, they're known as "sucker bets" and should never be played.
    After seeing small children with their drunk parents on Freemont street after midnight I have to speak up and say, VEGAS IS FOR ADULTS!!! NOT FOR CHILDREN!!! In Vegas there's public drinking, smoking, gambling, with loud obnoxious drunks throwing f-bombs, not to mention "porn slappers" on corners passing out adult escort pamphlets in broad daylight. Is this a place to take your children on vacation? Use a little common sense people, take your kids to Disney World or a theme park, think of your children instead of yourselves for a change.
    It is what it is and Vegas isn't what it was. It's a shame the younger gamblers never had a chance to experience Vegas when most hotel/casinos were owned by individuals or small entities which knew how to treat guests by giving generous perks such as comped rooms, cheap meals, free shows, and decent gambling odds. Those days were before the greedy mega corporations squeezed out the little guy and started a downhill slide with their unending quest to bleed the tourists/gamblers dry with high prices, expensive meals, poor comps, bad gambling odds and charging a fee/charge/surcharge/bill/gratuity/tip/tax for anything and everything you want to see or do.