Trip number 15 from 25 to 29 November 2014. First time having Thanksgiving in Las Vegas. Took the girls who just turned 21. Vegas Virgins no more. Flew out on Southwest on Tuesday. Full planes both directions. The $25.00 round trip cost for early boarding is a good deal for full flights. The TSA in Las Vegas is trying a streamlined security check through process that one can purchase for $85.00 and use for 5 years. Really! The TSA is concerned about making money over safety? I don’t get it. Security uneventful. Stayed at Treasure Island. With prior stay discounts, taking advantage of resort fee items, players club free room offers we had two rooms (king and a queen), free slot play ($150) our rooms averaged (with tax) $19.00 per night each for a total of 8 nights. Went to Mystere and it was great! Warning the 2 for 1 yard drinks and Kuhunaville is not a good value. The price was not on the menu so it was my fault for not asking before ordering. Anyway these drinks were $50.00 each! So 2 for 1 means two of them were $25.00 each. You have been warned! Stay away from the 2 for 1 drinks at Kuhunaville. However the 2 for 1 breakfast at Kuhunaville was a very good deal. The shopping was fun for the girls. Treasure Island is right next door to the shopping mall. Too cold for the pool (the pool closed the week before we got there). We do not use WIFI, go to a SPA or drink from the mini bar so those things did not interest us. Sightseeing with the girls was fun. The drink service during gambling was great at every property we visited. The best drink service was at Mirage and Golden Gate while playing video poker machines. The hotel rooms were clean and well maintained (19th floor). The taxis did not long haul us and were very pleasant. The monorail was working okay and saved a lot of walking. The trams helped out too. The breakfast at Westgate (LVH) was great. They still have the best sour dough toast and bacon. No one trying to sell us time shares (cool!). The card snappers on the strip were polite and decreased in numbers (good). The homeless folks about the same amount (wish there was a way to help these folks). The crap (wheel and alley shopping) around the Linq is nothing but a traffic jam, not worth your time. Fremont Street Freak show in full force. What a waste of real estate. At least Carl Ferris was playing his sax and he sounds as great as ever. Noticed less families and a big decrease in teens roaming downtown. The pole dancers were decreased and looked bored. Basically a really good trip to take two 21 year olds for their first time. Gambling was pretty good. Mostly $100 and $200 jackpots. Wife took $1070 out of a “Reel Em In” Penny Machine at Casino Royale. Go figure. Next trip probably May 2015 for brother’s wedding. Can’t wait.