List Of Las Vegas Lounge Entertainment

Listed by date. Click on lounge name for more information.

Apr 26 Thu   Blue String Theory 8pm 
Apr 26 Thu   Jukebox Heroes 9pm 
Apr 26 Thu   Stefnrock 6pm 
Apr 27 Fri   Tal Pearsall 8:00pm Free Admission 
Apr 27 Fri   Kenny Dee Band 8pm 
Apr 27 Fri   Jukebox Heroes 9pm 
Apr 27 Fri   Tekkno Flamenko 6pm 
Apr 27 Fri   Walk Off Hits 9:30pm 
Apr 28 Sat   Tal Pearsall 8:00pm Free Admission 
Apr 28 Sat   Kenny Dee Band 8pm 
Apr 28 Sat   Jukebox Heroes 9pm 
Apr 28 Sat   Ilan Dvir 5:30pm 
Apr 28 Sat   Holes and Hearts 9:30pm 
Apr 29 Sun   Rick Duarte 5pm 
May 02 Wed   The Nitekings 5pm 
May 03 Thu   East Side Riot 9pm - 2am 
May 04 Fri   Toto Zara  8pm 
May 04 Fri   East Side Riot 9pm - 2am 
May 05 Sat   Toto Zara  8pm 
May 05 Sat   East Side Riot 9pm - 2am 
May 09 Wed   Jerry Tiffe 5pm 
May 11 Fri   Rick & Zoe 8pm 
May 12 Sat   Rick & Zoe 8pm 
May 16 Wed   The Nitekings 5pm 
May 17 Thu   360 Band 9pm  
May 18 Fri   360 Band 9pm  
May 19 Sat   360 Band 9pm  
May 23 Wed   Jerry Tiffe 5pm