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Las Vegas Society News  

Note: This is a past article from March 08, 2012
You can find the current Las Vegas Society News article HERE


Freddie Glusman and Dr. Adele Zorn

Frances and Richard (Mac) MacDonald

When have you heard about a restaurant lasting 30 years and still going strong as ever. Yes, PIERO's is that place and owner of PIERO's Freddie Glusman and second generation, son, Evan Glusman just celebrated PIERO's 30th anniversary. The Celebration party was filled with VIP's and entertainment along with the great food that PIERO's is famous for.

Mr. OZ and Denny Weddle

Phyllis Schwartz and Rita Rudner

PIERO's has a tremendous history. In 1982, Freddie Glusman opened PIERO's on Karen Avenue. It quickly became a hangout for Las Vegas Locals, Celebrities like the Rat Pack, Politicians, and some of those "Businessmen" with Italian surnames, like the "local color" guys.



The food was and is fresh and good, the service outstanding and the host, Freddie Glusman always, loyal, accommodating and discreet. The atmosphere Freddie created in his restaurant is perfect for quiet business dinners, family celebrations and confidential encounters in an ambiance that is classical Las Vegas.

Dr. Adele Zorn and Phree Bartley

Dr. Adele Zorn and Steve Lawrence



Five years after opening on Karen Ave., PIERO's moved to its current location located at 355 Convention Center Drive that is within walking distance to the Las Vegas Convention Center and The Strip. PIERO's has seating for 345 diners and has six separate dining rooms.

PIERO's Italian Cuisine boasts many stars, athletes, actors, musicians and everyday people among its clientele. Most of PIERO's employees, including the Chef, Office Manager, Events Coordinator, Maitre d', Beverage Manager, Captains and others, have been with Freddie's restaurant for more than a decade, some closer to the three decades which PIERO's now celebrates.


Singer Mark Govi on right with band

What a great party it was with the Who's-Who of Las Vegas greeting each other. Social hugging and kissing was rampant especially for those who have not seen each other for some time. Musical entertainment by Mark Govi and Carmine Mandia and band entertained throughout the evening. Many well-known names were there among the celebrants, such as Steve Lawrence and Rita Rudner. What a fun and enjoyable evening for all. Congratulations to Freddie and Evan Glusman, and may you enjoy another future 30 year celebration at PIERO's.


Shine Owners Russ Petroni and Dima Shine

Laura Martin, Pole Dancing

I was invited to the grand opening celebration of SHINE ALTERNATIVE FITNESS. Little did I know what I was going to as I expected the usual exercise machines and dumbbells. What a great surprise was in store for me. SHINE is a remarkable facility where fitness enthusiasts of all skill levels can get inventive fun-filled workouts in a beautiful place with novel apparatus. Many performers such as those in Cirque shows workout and rehearse in this incredible facility. SHINE ALTERNATIVE FITNESS is also offered to the general public with innovative workout sessions.

SHINE ALTERNATIVE FITNESS was founded by two remarkable CIRQUE veterans, Dima Shine and Russ Petroni who wanted to bring the many ways performers stay in shape to the masses. SHINE has brought all of these workout methods together into one studio.

The opening party celebration was filled with Cirque and other performers. It was amazing to see entertainment by the Bunker Dance Center mini performing arts team of 8-10 year old girls performing with such professionalism and stage presence. The Choreography was by Emily Mcternin (Mystere). The girls performing were: Aubree, Olivia, Alyssa, Giana, Chloe, Bailey, Sydney, Kaitkin, Brooklyn, Broojkynn, Lexi, Hailey, Peyton. The additional act was: THE TRIO with Giana Onofre, Kaitlin Keildrup and Aubrey Remmel. THE TRIO was choreographed by Matt Rich of NYC ballet.

Aerial Art

Dance Instructor Sunni on GYROTONIC

Entertaining next was pole champion, Laura Martin who thrilled the audience with her beautiful Pole Dancing from Pole to Pole.



Classes by fun-filled CIRQUE INSPIRED WORKOUTS are taught by top industry champions. There are also exclusive specialty classes: ANTIGRAVITY YOGA which suspends participants into the air in a silk hammock that is used as a soft trapeze and combines traditional yoga poses, aerial arts, calisthenics, pilates and dance while promoting agility, flexibility and muscular strength. Many Poles for POLE FITNESS and dancing is taught by world champion pole dancer, Laura Martin. A unique pulley tower called GYROTONIC stimulates the entire body, In addition, classes taught are: KICKBOXING, YOGA, as well as a variety of DANCE COURSES.

SHINE ALTERNATIVE FITNESS STUDIO that combines Exercise with an Artistic touch is located at 6415 South Tenaya Way, Suite 100. Check it out; I'm sure you will love it. .

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