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Las Vegas Society News  

Note: This is a past article from March 05, 2014
You can find the current Las Vegas Society News article HERE


Oy Vey! Even if you are not Jewish you would have plotzed (burst) with laughter at Congregation P’nai Tikvah’s production of GRANDMA SADIE IS GETTING MARRIED…AGAIN? This tongue-in-cheek production was held at the Adeleson Educational Campus Ballroom and the “Wedding” included a sit-down dinner, dancing and entertainment. This hilarious so-called “social event of the year” was to be the wedding of the #1 wealthiest woman in Nevada, Sadie Pitkin, who after 35 years of being a widow, was getting married again at age 82 to a much ‘younger’ man. Sadie is marrying Sol (the Senior Stud) Schwartz (age 62). While they are deeply in love, Sadie's three daughters are convinced that he is marrying her for her money, and they are trying to stop the wedding in any way they can.

As guests arrived, Character actors and Guests reacted and interacted as if they had arrived at a real wedding. This story-line atmosphere continued throughout the evening as the cast kept on their characterizations while they interacted with guests. At first there was a cocktail hour (and a silent auction) in the outer lobby with kosher Wine, fancy hors d’oeuvres (Tarragon Rice Stuffed Mushrooms, Pepper Beef Crostini, Cucumber and Pits Chips with Hummus), picture taking and social mingling.

Afterwards, everyone was ushered into the “Chapel” for a “toasting” to the happy couple prior to the wedding ceremony which was to take place later in the Ballroom. Here’s where the ‘fun-drama’ began. (all names and characters are Jewishly fictitious). Bella Abromowitz, the 2nd wealthiest woman in Nevada and Sadie’s Bff Matron of Honor, got up to speak. Bella introduced the Bride and Groom and all their families, who had come from near and wide, to attend and stop the “Wedding.” Grandma Sadie showed off her 16 carat Yellow Diamond Ring - which you could not look directly at without dark glasses, because of the brilliance. Bella told jokes that started guest’s stomach-aching from laughter. She then individually introduced Grandma Sadie’s children and their children.

First was daughter Thelma Mishkoff, her crazy tax fraud husband Bernie Mishkoff and their daughter Mindy, who was pregnant (no husband) with a belly like a watermelon. They each told different stories as to who is, or what happened to Mindy’s “husband,” and also why Grandma Sadie shouldn’t marry Sol.

Then came Sadie’s youngest daughter Miriam who only wanted to be called Millicent as she is a top socialite living on Park Avenue in New York and Darien, Connecticut. (She is a snob and talks like one and she is married to wealthy Wall Street tycoon, Peter Von Krump, who is a ‘wasp’) Von Krump was introduced along with their sexy daughter Buffy. They too were saying Sol only wanted Sadie’s money and that he was very unintelligent and had no class.

Next, daughter Freima (name means extremely Orthodox-religious) and her husband Reb Schmuel and their teen-age son, Avram who came all the way from Israel. More than coming for the wedding, they also came with a mission to raise funds for a Shtetl (small pious village) in the Israeli desert. Immediately, Buffy Von Krump and Avram caught each other’s eyes and Buffy kept after Avram all throughout the evening. They ran around trying to hide and Freima kept running after them. Reb Schmuel was too busy asking for money to try to raise funds for a Shtetl and trying to sell his “Shtel Book.”

After all this mishegoss(craziness) guests and families departed to the Dining Room Ballroom for Dinner. Some other characters were there such as a bag lady who was going around to tables stealing items from guests and Rabbi Schlomo Vos Mochsta (Vos Mosta in Yiddish means “how are you.”) who thinks he is a stand-up comedian and appears weekly at a Kosher Komedy Club). A sit-down Dinner was served starting with a Mixed Green Salad. Entree: Oven-Roast Breast of Chicken with Lemon-thyme sauce, Herbed Red Potatoes and Sautéed Winter Squash Medley Dessert: Pareve Cupcakes. A band called ‘Jewish Jammin’ and DJ Barry S. Cohen played during dinner. Guests and Character actors interacted and mingled with each other and also got up and danced.

As is symbolic in old-time Yiddish Theatre where exaggerated Soap Opera type happenings were the norm, so did this happen at the Wedding ceremony. Other characters from each of the family’s current and past shocking and illegal activities came on and were telling terrible stories; especially the bag lady who was Sol’s past wife. So much ridiculous happenings, even like a Bernie Madoff type fraud arrest almost broke off the marriage ceremony. But Sadie loved Sol and he said he had changed and loved her, and she was so disillusioned with all of her family’s activities and trying to get her money - so the marriage ceremony went on and Sadie and Sol were married. Mazel Tov (congratulations) to the Happy Couple.

And Mazel Tov (congratulations) to:


Grandma Sadie Pitkin – Harriett Miller

Sol Schwartz – Jon Axelrod

Bella Abramowitz – Carol Bernstein

Rabbi Schlomo Vos Mochsta – Sam Marber

Peter Von Crump – Jerry Cline

Millicent (Miriam)Van Crump – Melanie Hope

Buffy Von Crump – Evelyn Benitez

Bernie Mishkoff – James Munoz

Selma Pitkin-Mishkoff – Hannah Apple

Mindy Pitkin-Miskoff – Amy Seddon Ebert

Freima – Jane Kusel

Reb Schmuel – Rick Bindhamer

Avram – Joey Goodrich

The Bag Lady – Patsy Kart


Director: Charmin Dahl

Producer/Creator: Larry Bernstein

Co-Producer: Annie Goodrich

Writer: Marnie Winston-Macauley

Bella Abramowitz introducing Grandma Sadie and Sol (seated)

Sadie’s children (LtoR) Millicent, Buffy and
Peter Van Krump, Bernie and Selma Mishkoff
and daughter Mindy Mishkoff and Rabbi Schlomo Vos Mochsta

Standing on right - Reb Schmuel, Avram, and Freima from Israel

Rabbi Schlomo Vos Mochsta performing the marriage ceremony

Cast of Characters

While it was far from an Academy Awards Production, everyone had an entertaining and hilarious time at the “Wedding of Sadie and Sol.”

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