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Las Vegas Society News  

Note: This is a past article from March 07, 2015
You can find the current Las Vegas Society News article HERE

EntSpeaks 2nd Series

by Dr. Adele Zorn

Well, he did it again. Adam Walmsley, Emmy Award-Winning set designer produced his second EntSpeaks series with six interesting celebrities individually talking about their lives.

First up was Anita Mann , producer and choreographer of the very successful FANTASY show at the Luxor for 15 years.

In addition to FANTASY, Anita has produced various successful shows in Las Vegas for 29 years. Anita is an effervescent, remarkable individual, who although too short to be a Las Vegas showgirl, managed to overcome that obstacle. (I too am quite short, but overcome that thought with the insight that in reality the best things in life come in small packages.)

Anita Mann grew up in Detroit and wanted to be a dancer since age 8. As a child, Anita’s (Kleinman) mom, a single mother with two children couldn’t buy her expensive dancer shoes, so Anita put bottle caps on her shoes to make the tapping sounds. Dancing was her life and dream and she did become a dancer. Her resume is outstanding. She was in films, stage shows and became a choreographer and producer of shows. At age 17 she filmed “Cruel One” and then went on to do a variety of films. She made it her business to learn about all facets of entertainment. Anita said, her varied films went from Muppets to Tits to Tots. She danced with Elvis and choreographed his films, also with Cher and many other famous celebrities.

In 1986 as a single mom, she took a chance and invested all her money in the show “A Blast From The Past.” Meshulam Ricklis owned the Riviera, bought her show and brought it to Las Vegas. That started her 29 years as a producer in Las Vegas. Pia Zadora who had been married to Ricklis at that time was in the audience and Anita thanked her. Although Anita lives in Los Angeles, she is back and forth to Las Vegas and still giving notes and choreography to FANTASY which she loves.

Mac King Comedy Magic Show at Harrahs is known for his plaid outfits and a video of Mac as a young child in a plaid outfit was shown.

Mac King was born in Louisville, Kentucky and as soon as he could read, Mac began reading about magic and trying out the tricks. His parents were divorced and at age 14 he would go with his mother to the YWCA where there was an old men’s meeting and he would do his magic for them. Mac met Lance Burton and they became friends and worked together and shared tricks for 15 years. Mac wanted his shows to be more than just a magic show so he started to do comedy, improv and audience participation. Mac King does many community activities and loves to work with kids at school. He introduced his wife who was in the audience and said he met her while she was in the audience at his show. The lovely lady is a therapist (me too!) Mac King has won many awards, recently as Entertainer of the Year at the Win-Win Entertainment Headliners Bash. EntSpeaks audience was amazed and loved Mac as he shared some of his Ho!Ho! comedy and magic.

The staid and sophisticated looking Myron Martin, so well known for founding the Smith Center was shown in a video wearing high red leather boots. Of course, this was for the Smith Center for the Performing Arts production of “Kinky Boots.” As Myron told about his background, this was not so surprising as even as a kid he was an entertainer. He even played for the Texas Rangers, but he added that he was their Organist. Myron was running the Liberace Foundation and told a very funny story that came to pass while he was there. Their 800# phone bill was too high and they sold it, but it turned out to be to a very risqué number.

Myron had been with Fred Smith and Don Snyder at a Texas Performing Arts Center and they thought how great it would be to have a Performing Center in Las Vegas. This dream came true from these founding members and the Smith Center is named after Fred Smith. However, Fred Smith passed away before the opening. Myron met his beautiful wife when he was judging a Pageant show in Florida. Some interesting things he mentioned were that Falcons are on the Smith Center Logo and although this is a coincidence, when the Smith Center was opened, a tremendous amount of pigeons were leaving their excrements on the roofs. Somehow, falcons began soaring around and then the pigeons excrements were no longer a problem. Also, Tony Hsieh (Zappos) favorite movie is “Pretty Woman” and Tony bought the “Pretty Woman” Box at the Smith Center.

Nicole Kaplan who stars in Steve Wynn’s Showstoppers said this was her first speech ever.

Nicole said it took her 20 years to become a success so she decided to do her speech on a “must do” to become a success list. Her demeanor and her list turned out to be very funny and the audience loved it. First on the list was date a celebrity. She went to dinner with mini Gary Coleman only one time, as he wanted to rub her feet. Another was Be on YouTube – Nicole was on Killer Karaoke singing Fever and screaming as she was on Walk of Fear with maggots, lizards and bugs under her. More funny items on her list, but Marry your Co-Star to climb the ladder of success was the best for her as she did just that 6 ½ years ago. She married Graham Fenton who performs as Frankie Valli in Jersey Boys.

Bob Anderson who becomes Frank Sinatra in Frank, The Man, The Music at The Venetian was next.

Bob told how years ago he was at the Sahara watching Nancy Sinatra rehearse with the Everly Brothers. The brothers had a fight and left. Bob at the time looked like a hippie with long curly hair and cut off jeans, but he went up to Nancy Sinatra and told her he was a singer. Not knowing if the brothers would come back to perform that night, Nancy hired him. That was his start and one week later he was on the Merv Griffinshow. In a later Q&A Bob told about his funny encounter in a bathroom with Milton Berle who bragged about his privates.

And then there was Robin Leach best known for “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.”

Robin Leach started his newspaper career as a 15 year old teenager. His first assignment had him pedaling his bike during a storm going to do an interview. He arrived at his destination and inside was a man who just seemed to be at home doing nothing. However, this man was Leslie Bricusse working on his play “Stop The World, I Want To Get Off.” Through this association he got to meet Anthony Newly and Joan Collins. Robin said everything he has done somehow was created out of thin air. He had many disappointments and failures with his TV shows even at first with “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” but he kept at it with dedication, determination and discipline.

After each celebrity spoke, Bob Anderson, Mac King and Robin Leach did a hilarious Q&A with 3 questions given to them by Andy Walmsley.

Some of the invited only audience consisted of many well-known performers who will probably be in one of the next EntSpeaks.

Andy Walmsley says perhaps that will be in May. Kudos to Adam and staff for a great night of Entertainment.

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