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Las Vegas Society News  

Note: This is a past article from November 01, 2016
You can find the current Las Vegas Society News article HERE


by Dr. Adele Zorn

Program for event

Chairman of Event Kevin Buckley and Dr. Adele Zorn

This year was a special event as it was the 21st Old-Time Reunion Party celebrated and dedicated to Thalia Donaro and Ken Johann. It’s hard to realize that 21 years have passed since the first Old-Time Reunion Party. This great idea took hold twenty-one years ago when a group of long-time Las Vegans would get together for breakfast at Bagel Mania and decided it would be great to share their kind of nostalgia with others who had lived in Las Vegas for at least 30 years. Up until this year’s event all the founders except two of the group had left this world. Unfortunately prior to this year’s event this has changed, and now all the founders are gone. Thalia Dondero and Ken Johann passed this year RIP. However, we must not forget the founders and their legacy of the annual Old-Time Reunion Parties. They are: Thalia Dondaro, Claudine Williams, Art Lurie, Davey and Lou Pearl, Ken Johann, Abe Fox, Ruthe Deskin, Jack Kogan and Paul Endy. The first Old-Time Reunion Party was held with 500 people attending. The event was not even advertised, but somehow the word got out and each year, the gathering got bigger and bigger. The first Old-Time Reunion Party was held at ARIZONA CHARLIES. Then for awhile it was held at THE STARDUST. Since the demise of the Stardust the event has been held at THE ORLEANS. I don’t know how many guests were at this year’s event, but the ORLEANS GRAND BALLROOM was packed to the hilt. Guests pay $45 to attend which includes dinner, entertainment, and two drinks.

Cyndi Doumani with son Fred Doumani Jr. and Denny Weddle on left

Guests with Tempest Storm in the middle

The 21st annual celebration for Las Vegas residents who have lived here 30 years or more brought about nostalgia and camaraderie for Las Vegas movers and shakers and everyday people by the fact that they have been here long enough to realize how wonderful this town is (or was). Long-time residents had experienced living in an atmosphere of a small town where everyone knew one another. They had witnessed the phenomenal growth of Las Vegas becoming a big city metropolis and bemoan the fact that now most neighbors do not seem to even know each other. Although the town has grown so much, and many long-time Las Vegans complain about the growth, celebrants had so much fun and excitement in seeing one another and reminiscing.

Lou Martinez and former Dragon Lady with S&Roy Lynette Chappell

Lou Toomin, Nelson Sardelli, NV Senator Mark Manendo, Fred Doumani, Michael Monge (singer) and Esther Lynn (sitting)

The 21st Annual Old-Time Reunion Party started with a Cocktail Reception in the outer Ballroom with a Combo playing music while old friends were able to greet and enjoy meeting each other. Among the guests were current Chairman of the event, Kevin Buckley. Seen mingling were: Denny Weddle, Tony Sacca, Nelson Sardelli, Rosita Kanes, Susan Houston and Lou Toomin. Some others were: Dr. Lonnie Hammergren, Senator Mark Manendo, Jim Marsh, Monica Buckley and Paul and Sue Lowden.

Jim Marsh and guest

One of the video wall screenings

After the Cocktail Reception, guests entered the Mardi Gras Ballroom for dinner and entertainment. During the evening Videos that were part of Las Vegas’ heritage of long-gone hotels, historical places and events were screened on the walls such as:

McCarren AIRPORT’s - First Entrance


CLUB BINGO - 1947 – became the SAHARA in 1952

SAHARA – closed May 16, 2011 now open as SLS.





SILVERBIRD 1977 – became El RANCHO

SILVER SLIPPER 1950 – 1988

Michael T Band with singer Lisa Smith

Judge Don Mosley (seated on right) and guests


The Michael T Band with vocalist Lisa Smith played throughout the evening. A special surprise was singer Michael Montage.

Ben Litvinoff and guests


Dinner was served:

Dinner menu: Orleans Salad:

A delicate blend of Butter Leaf, Spinach Leaf and Red Leaf Lettuce with Dried Cranberries, Candied Walnuts and Crumbled Bleu Cheese with a Champagne Vinaigrette.

Entrée: Filet Mignon with Pinot Noir Sauce and Grilled Chicken Breast, Chef’s Selection of Fresh Vegetables and Scalloped Potatoes Napoleon – Rolls and Butter

Dessert: Tripple Mousse Cake

Marty Allen with wife Karon Blackwell

Famed Marty Allen with Dr. Adele Zorn


Some of the guests enjoying the party were:

Beverly and Mike Mykissen, John O’Reilly, William Boyd, Cindy Doumani, Cindy’s sons Ron and Freddy Jr and their wives, Fred Doumani, Joni Sailon. Dondino and wife Donna, Annee, Araiella and Clare Nouna, Maureen Kane, Ginger Magelby, Rochelle Hornsby, Sheryl Leeland, Tempest Storm, Corinne and Sidney Entrater, Ed and Carol Lee Swindle, Virginia Valentine, Ron and Iris Parraguire, Janey Resnick, Tony and Karen Ruviviar, Honorable Lia Roberts, Lynette Chappel, Bob Goodman, Eileen Hayes, Mel and Marilyn Larson, George Levine, Lena and Ken Walther, Helen Mortensen, Phyllis Swartz, Jim Marsh, Sonya Ross and so many wonderful guests unable to name.



Everyone enjoyed this annual event and said they will be looking forward to the next annual Old-Time Reunion Party.

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