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Las Vegas Society News  

Note: This is a past article from May 30, 2018
You can find the current Las Vegas Society News article HERE

"The Lighter Side of Opera Concert"
by Dr. Adele Zorn

The Grand Opera Society of Las Vegas (GOSLV) presented a lovely afternoon event at The Hartland Mansion. This was "The Lighter Side Opera Concert" that centered around selections from Musical Theater and Operetta by an ensemble of very artistic singers. The enthusiastic audience enjoyed the Piano Solo of accomplished pianist Antonio Carnota who also provided piano background for performers.

Piano Soloist and accompianist Antonio Carnota

M.C. Dr. Morton Hyson officially thanking Garry Hart (Hartland owner)

The Hartland Mansion has both an appealing and interesting ambience and owner Garry Hart was officially thanked for his contribution and participation.

Eileen Hayes - Event Coordinator

M.C. and Singer - Dr. Morton Hyson and wife, Nicole

Eileen Hayes was The Grand Opera Society coordinator of the event with Karen Scherer, GOSLV Guild Chairperson. The occasion included a Champagne and Wine reception with Hors d’oeuvres, desserts, libations, a silent auction, a live auction of a valuable necklace donated by Sigrid Insull International Jewelry Designs, a Grand Tour of the Hartland Mansion suites of Toni Hart, Elvis Presley, Ginger Rogers, and the Music / Awards Room.

One of the tables for the Silent Auction

Guests - showing live auction necklace

The program started with introductions by Eileen Hayes and Dr. Morton Hyson who was Master of Ceremonies. Champagne Delicious Bubbles with Marilyn Faye O’Leary and the Ensemble. "Li Biamo" Hugo Castillo, Ben Litvinoff, Dr. Sheronda McKee, Marilyn Faye O’Leary, and Ensemble.

Performers: Marilyn Faye O’Leary, Hugo Castillo, Antonio Carnota

Performers: standing, Ben Litvinoff - seated - Larry Wayne Morbitt, Dr. Sheronda McKee, Shelley Martinsen

Performance: Marilyn Faye O’Leary and Singers

The program continued with:
"Be My Love" solo, Hugo Castillo, "Czardas" solo, Dr. Sheronda McKee, "You Are Love" duet, Hugo Castillo and Marilyn Faye O’Leary, "This Is The Moment: solo, Larry Wayne Morbitt, "Yours Is My Heart Alone" solo, Hugo Castillo, "Vilia" Marilyn Faye O’Leary and Ensemble "Granada" by Hugh Castillo, Summertime by Elaine Casale, Old Man River by Dr. Morton Hyson, Do You Love Me by Shelley Martinsen, They Call The Wind Mariah by Larry Wayne Morbitt, Bring Them Home by Ben Litvinoff and Nessum Dorma by Hugo Catillo and Ensemble.

Performance: Dr. Morton Hyson

Performance: Shelley Martinsen

Performers: Virginia Schilpp. Adrienne Mondeau, Elaine Casale

GOSLV Soloists and Chorus sing on Memorial Day Ceremonies at the Southern Nevada Veterans Cemetery Chapel. Upcoming 2018 events are: Sante Fe Opera, August, Divas and Divo Soiree, September, "Vintage Vegas" October, "Hansel & Gretal" production in the Clark County at-risk Elemetary Schools, November, "Holiday Celebration Luncheon, December and The Shade Tree Holiday Carols Soloists and Chorus, December.


Guests - Genina Yii, Linda Kristy, Sigrid Insull, Sue Moritt

Guest - Linda Kristy and Dr. Adele Zorn

Hartland Mansion has an interesting story. It was built originally built in the 1940s as two separate residences in the historic 6th Street District. Back in those days, 6th Street was the place to live for the movers and shakers in the casino and hotel industries including Howard Hughes, the Binions, the Houssels, the Hamms, and Jake Kosloff - just to name a few.

Hartland Mansion Grand Entrance

Lilly and Garry Hart - Hartland Mansion owner

In the early 1970s the two homes were purchased by the Arvey Estate. A massive renovation plan was commissioned to join the two homes into one which would have approximately 13,000 square feet. Mr. Arvey sent his architect to Disneyland to replicate the exterior and façade of the Main Street Plaza Inn and spared no expense in building his Victorian Mansion.


Guests - Nelson Sardelli and wife, Lorraine

In 1978 the Arvey Estate sold the home to the Hart Family. Due to Mr. Arvey’s untimely departure, the Mansion had never been finished, so the Harts took on the overwhelming task of completion.

Guests - Melissa Redford, Caryl Thome and Linn Thome

Guests - Beverly and Mike Mykisen (center) and friends

In 1980 and 1981 the Mansion was leveled by two separate fires. Like brother Larry and mother Toni, Garry was an integral part of the actual and physical reconstruction of the decision to completely rebuild the Hartland Mansion. They had their architect keep the same exterior design and floor plan as the original, but embellished and enlarged the design. The rebuilt Mansion more than tripled in size to a staggering 31,000 square feet under one roof. The entire restoration took nearly 7 years to complete.


Guests - Melissa Redford, Caryl Thome and Linn Thome

Garry Hary, owner was the Drummer for the Hart family, beginning his percussion career professionally at the age of 10. Like all the other Hart family, Garry started singing in Church and by age 6 found himself on the sound stages of Walt Disney Studios doing vocals for Disney films. Garry performed with his family appearing all over the world in multiple tours playing drums and percussion for the Hart Family and Hart & Soul Band concerts and tours for over 30 years.

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