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$trip: The Play

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$trip the play is about a fictional Las Vegas strip club called "The Sunset Lounge". Buck, the owner, has been murdered. Now there is a crime to solve. That's when, Amanda Cole, a file clerk at the Las Vegas Police Department, goes undercover as "America", the stripper.

America becomes friends with "Divinity", the dancer. She teaches America the ropes of the business. America encounters other strippers like "Samantha", the predatory lesbian. Sams' has her eyes on her and "Suga", the ebony queen. "Delilah" is the oldest dancer. Once upon a time was the jewel of the lounge. "Trish" is the drugged up stripper. She's got problems. All of these vixens are murder suspects. America soon discovers that behind the pole lies greed, lust, envy and...murder!

The club manager is "Angelo". He runs the business with an iron hand. "Marty" is the deejay. He's the voice and energy of the club. "Jackie", the bartender, serves up one mean cocktail. "Midnight", the doorman, is the security of the place. Someone's got to keep the dancers and customers in line. The employees and dancers hated Buck and had their reasons to kill him. But who?

The club has it's wide range of customers. "Donald McDonald", the gambler, comes in after a night out in the casinos. "Pelvis", the King of Karaoke, loves to spend his money on the ladies. Oh, don't forget about your perverts and stalkers. And you never know who will walk into The Sunset Lounge. After all, it's vegas baby!

$trip the play will shock, entertain and make you laugh. It's the first and only play to ever combine live acting and beautiful actresses stripping and pole dancing. Based on true stories, truth is certainly stranger than fiction at the The Sunset Lounge. Will you be able to solve the murder of Buck the owner? So many suspects! You'll never see a more fun, exciting and sexy play than $trip. It's an experience you won't soon forget.

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