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Anthony Cools Experience at the Paris

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Cools has earned cult-like popularity through his ability to hypnotically persuade audience volunteers to behave outrageously on stage. His subjects eagerly obey his suggestions to play imaginary musical instruments, to engage in dialogue with their own body parts or to make passionate love to furniture. Every show is unique because Cools is never sure what kind of hidden personalities he will extract from the nightly group of amateur performers.

Cools' sensitivity (he's also a professional therapist) and his comedic skill keep the ribald and risque activity from straying into X-rated zones. Because the emphasis is on the hilarious aspects of the uninhibited antics, his subjects are rarely embarrassed and often return night after night to be hypnotized. Many of them purchase videos of their own uncensored performances.

Cools' meteoric career combines his lifelong fascination with hypnosis and a theatrical calling he has felt since childhood. In college he was a television and film major. In his early years he worked as a radio disk jockey and a nightclub manager. He dedicated himself to the study of hypnosis and eventually developed the expertise to help thousands of people overcome behavioral problems. Through videotapes and private sessions he has helped his clients lose weight, stop smoking and overcome life-crippling phobias.

In 1994 he became a comedy hypnotist as an experiment to increase business in his own nightclub. He has never looked back.

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