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If you enjoy dinner theater with an interactive twist, here is your invitation to a fun-filled event. Attend "Ba-Da-Bing," the surprise birthday party for Mr. Big, the Godfather of Las Vegas.

After being frisked for weapons such as brass knuckles or a roll of nickels, guests are guided to their table and given party hats. There you will be seated at one of the tables designated for the Manicotti, Rigatoni and Vermicelli families.

Host for the shindig is Rick Jaguar, Mr. Big's right-hand man, and Gino Cappucino, the flamboyant pianist, who help lead the audience through an evening of mystery punctuated by the occasional mayhem. As the party progresses, you may be selected to sing a song, deliver a speech or become a pallbearer, as needed.

Entertainment is provided by energetic singers and dancers, who gain entry to the room under the guise of being party guests. Comic Steve Rossi makes a special appearance as a long-time favorite entertainer of Mr. Big and delivers a humorous routine.

While enjoying the fun and frivolity, guests are served an entrée selection of filet mignon, orange roughy or chicken marsala. Dinners include salad, rolls, a slice of birthday cake and a glass of champagne.

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