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Bill was born in Galveston, Texas in the middle of a hurricane. As a child his family moved a great deal so Bill used his sense of humor to make friends quickly. The final die was cast when in third grade his class performed in the play Clementine. Bill had always wanted to be a cowboy but because his voice was still too high combined with the fact that he was a bit scrawny, he was forced to play the role of Clementine. Yes in third grade Bill was wearing a dress and singing the theme song.

Several years after moving to Los Angeles, Bill got his first break when he had an opportunity to guest on the Tonight Show. The spot went well but then nothing. No phone calls from big producers or movie people.

A second break came his way when he won the American Comedy Awards Comic of the Year. After that he landed a role on the Delta Burke Show which ran for one year.

Shortly thereafter Bill released his first album, Here's Your Sign. It became the number one selling comedy album of 1997. After traveling with Jeff Foxworthy, he released his second album entitled Dorkfish. Here's Your Sign went Gold meaning it sold over 500,000 albums and Dorkfish was well on its way toward that milestone also.

In 2000, Now That's Awesome was released topping Billboard's Comedy Charts at #1. Following the success of Bill's fourth album, he and Jeff Foxworthy stared the Blue Collar Comedy Tour with two other comics, Ron White and Larry the Cable Guy, and this continued through to 2003, when the Blue Collar Comedy Tour movie was released. It spawned the TV show Blue Collar TV.

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