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Bob Newhart is a household name to generations, thanks in part to his two extremely successful, long-running television series, "The Bob Newhart Show" and "Newhart." Today he takes his quirky humor on the road, performing comedy concerts in front of sellout audiences all over the country and the world. The material for his routines comes from a combination of his unique style and the day's news. He also performs his early classic routines, a demand made by audiences. Bob's comedy/acting career began in a rather strange fashion, while working as an accountant and an advertising copywriter. During that time, Newhart and a friend at the ad agency, Ed Gallagher, amused themselves by making long, antic phone calls to each other, which they recorded as audition tapes for what Bob calls "a poor man's Bob & Ray syndicated radio show." When Gallagher decided to drop out and opted, instead, for an advertising career, Bob simply "picked up the slack," as he puts it, and thus his famous one-man, two-way telephone conversations were born.

Newhart's talents were eventually introduced to the head of talent at Warner Brothers Records, who immediately signed him to a contract. "The Button-Down Mind of Bob Newhart," was created, which became the first comedy album to go to #1 on the charts. Seven more albums followed, each extremely successful, selling in the millions. Eventually the television networks looked to Bob to supply their audiences with great comedy. This led to his first series, a variety show called "The Bob Newhart Show" in 1961. The show was awarded the coveted Peabody Award and an Emmy.

In the next decade, Newhart performed with great success in nightclubs and on records and remained familiar to television audiences through frequent guest appearances on "The Tonight Show," "The Ed Sullivan Show," and other variety programs. In 1972, Newhart returned to series television as Chicago psychologist Dr. Bob Hartley in "The Bob Newhart Show," marking the beginning of a six-year run.

After nearly four years away from television, he returned with "Newhart" in 1982, playing a New York, do-it-yourself book author turned Vermont innkeeper. Surrounded by an exceptional ensemble of quirky characters, the series went on to enormous success for eight seasons.

Bob not only frequented the television screen, but also the movie screen. He was cast in a number of films with some of the biggest stars in Hollywood: "Hell Is For Heroes" with Steve McQueen; "On A Clear Day You Can See Forever" with Barbara Streisand; and "Catch 22" with Jon Voight; "Little Miss Marker" with Walter Matthau, and many others. In 1997, he landed a co-starring role with Kevin Kline, Tom Selleck, and Debbie Reynolds in the hit film, "In And Out." Most recently he completed back-to-back co-starring roles with Reese Witherspoon in "Legally Blonde II" and with Will Ferrell in "Elf."

Through all of his television and film success, Bob has never given up his first love of his show business profession, performing live stand-up.

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