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Bobby's name has been synonymous with superstardom. He is a true survivor and today he continues to enjoy success as a top-rated performer.

The hit songs Bobby has given music lovers over the years have become classics. After a stint in the army (which served as inspiration for one of his biggest hits, Mr. Lonely) Bobby recorded his first single, Roses Are Red, which began his extraordinary career as a vocalist. The record climbed to the #1 spot on the record charts and eventually sold over four million copies. His songs are recognized as standards throughout the world and his music has retained its vitality and relevance through the changing times of the world.

Bobby's hit-making capability was again documented and widely recognized with the release of My Melody of Love, when it became the #1 song in the nation and was embraced by Polish Americans around the country as their new national anthem. Not long after, his best selling autobiography The Polish Prince was published.

According to Billboard Magazine, Bobby had more #1 hits than any other male vocalist including Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra during the first ten years of the rock era. For three years, his recordings aired in over 140 cities through out the United States and Canada. He also hosted a highly rated network variety special for CBS Television and starred in two John Wayne movies entitled, "Big Jake" and "The Train Robbers."

Bobby's impressive list of hits that include, There I've Said It Again, Please Love Me Forever, I Love How You Love Me and My Melody of Love awarded him a dozen gold records and albums during his career. Overall he has sold over 75 million records.

Over the past several years, Bobby has been honored by over 100 hundred national organizations and more than a dozen Mayors across the United States for his unique contributions to the ethnic communities. He was invited to Poland as a guest of the government. As a tribute to his talents and community services the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce bestowed the ultimate honor upon Vinton, a Bronze Star on the world famous Hollywood Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard.

Find Performances for Bobby Vinton in Other Areas.

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