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Bottoms Up

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"Bottom's Up" is practically a living time capsule as host Breck Wall leads his merry band of comics, singers, and dancers through a bawdy revue straight out of the vaudeville era. It's filled with naughty sketches, off-color jokes, raunchy songs, and topless dancers in rapid-fire succession, with each segment designed to be more outrageous than the last. This is the kind of show that the rim-shot was invented for.

A few carefully worded examples: Two businessmen find it difficult to order train tickets from a voluptuous ticket agent since they are going to Pittsburgh; An impersonation of Tom Jones that leaves nothing to the imagination when it comes to his, um, "appeal" to women; The extended family history of a clan with a surname that goes quite well with first names like Dumb, Holy, Eat, and Jack.

"Bottom's Up" has been around in some incarnation or another for more than 40 years and the leads are variety show veterans. They, along with their nubile female and male dancers, are relentlessly upbeat, energetic, and eager to please and their enthusiasm for the product is obvious.

If you're a fan of burlesque and the kind of impish humor that goes along with it, "Bottom's Up" is the show for you.

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