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Little Miss Dynamite was born in Lithonia, Georgia in 1944. She had an adult husk of a voice that could slip from anguished intimacy through sleepy insinuation to raucous lust, even during "Let's Jump The Broomstick," "Speak To Me Pretty" and other jaunty classics that kept her in the hit parade from the mic-50's to 1965.

Through local radio and by 1957, wider exposure, Brenda was ensured enough airplay for her first single, a revival of Hank Williams' Jambalaya, to crack the US country chart before her Billboard Hot 100 debut with 1957's One Step At A time. The novelty of her extreme youth facilitated bigger triumphs for "Little Miss Dynamite" with the million-selling Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree. The next decade brought a greater proportion of heartbreak ballads, such as I'm Sorry" and Too Many Rivers.

In 1959 at the age of 15 she embarked on her first foreign tour, which netted her fifty-one front-page stories, nine feature stories and the title of "The Best Goodwill Ambassador the United States ever had."

In 1977, Newsweek Magazine's 1977 compilation of "Top 20 Artists Of the Past 20 Years," Brenda's accomplishments placed her in the #7 position. Newsweek also credited her as one of the five leading American artists that had best survived the British Invasion of the early 60's.

In 1984, the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences presented Brenda with the prestigious "Governor's Award". The Award was in recognition of her lifetime career contributions to the recording industry, and was heralded by a glittering award celebration, appropriately titled, "A Tribute To A Legend."

Brenda Lee ranks #9 in "Most Consecutive Top Ten Hits Of All Time," a category shared by both male and female artists. In retrospect of the entire decade of the 60's, Brenda was the top charted female artist and fourth overall charted act, with Elvis, The Beatles, and Ray Charles completing the top four.

To-date Brenda has performed in 52 foreign countries and recorded hits in five different languages…Spanish, French, Italian, German and Japanese.

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