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Caesars Magical Empire

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Caesars Magical Empire presents mystery, fine dining, grand-scale illusions and awe inspiring surroundings reminiscent of Caesar's world 2,000 years ago.

Enter through the Celestial Court, the gateway to this enchanting new world. Your adventure begins in the Chamber of Destiny, where the story of Caesars Magical Empire is told as you experience an environmental illusion that spirits you along an underground catacomb.

You will be guided through the Catacomb Maze, past intriguing artifacts and imposing doorways, to one of ten dining chambers of the Gods. Here a sumptuous three-course feast is served to the 24-chamber guests as a sorcerer weaves magic spells before them.

Once you have finished dining, you are free to explore the many dazzling attractions in Caesars Magical Empire. The center court, Sanctum Secorum, is home to many environmental illusions as well as the Luminaria show, a bewitching brew of sound, light, and dancing fire.

Flanking the Sanctum Secorum are a pair of elegant lounges. The Grotto Bar lies inside the cave-like demon's mouth and the Spirit Bar is nestled between the two Seance rooms. Relax in the exquisite surroundings as you enjoy your refreshments and a few captivating surprises.

Our two live-entertainment theatres emphasize audience participation. The Secret Pagoda theatre is an intimate 75-seat setting featuring masters of "close-up" magic. The opulent Sultan's Palace theatre, which seats 150, headlines top prestidigitators and their startling illusions.

After you have been charmed by all the wonders of Caesars Magical Empire, pass through the Infinity Hallway, a final phantasm that transports you back to reality. We hope your virtual visit to Caesars Magical Empire will conjure you to our mystical realm again and again.

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