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Cashetta - the Extra Large Medium

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For nearly 10 years Cashetta has reigned as the "Queen of Magic" being one of the world's only drag magicians. Now, she's hanging up her top hat and slipping into a turban for her hilarious and astounding new show, "Cashetta - The Extra Large Medium"

"Cashetta - The Extra Large Medium" combines mind reading, suggestion and psychic demonstrations that will have you screaming with laughter and dropping your jaw in amazement! Full of audience participation and heaps of humor, Cashetta gets to exercise both her extraordinary powers and celebrated quick wit during the fast paced 1-hour show. Each night, volunteers will get to join Cashetta for fabulously fun presentations. Due to the nature of this type of show, no two are ever alike. Her most ambitious and exciting show to date, "Cashetta - The Extra Large Medium" breaks new ground in psychic entertainment and promises to dazzle audiences right up to the mind boggling finale.

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