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For four decades, Chuck's boundless energy, unabashed enthusiasm, and pure joy have characterized his love affair with music and the resulting admiration of his audience. He first attracted attention with his older brother Gap in the Jazz Brothers, a mainstream jazz band, in which Chuck played the trumpet alongside the keyboard of Gap.

Shortly thereafter Chuck and the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra performed the Friends and Love concert. This show, which featured Hill Where the Lord Hides, was recorded and led to his major label debut on Mercury Records and his first Grammy nomination in 1970.

After receiving his second Grammy nomination for Land of Make Believe, Chuck made two more very successful albums: Chase the Clouds Away which was featured in the 1976 Olympic Games, and Bellavia which was named to honor his mother. Bellavia earned Chuck his first Grammy award.

In 1977, his album Feels So Good became a worldwide mega hit thanks to its self-titled single, which features one of the most recognized melodies in the world. The following year, Chuck's popularity continued to grow as his Children of Sanchez soundtrack was nominated for a Golden Globe award and earned Chuck his second Grammy award.

Never resting on his past accomplishments, Chuck composed his Emmy-winning Give It All You Got which was heard around the world as the theme of the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, New York.

In 1989, after the release of two new albums, Chuck simply stopped recording and touring. "I didn't listen to music. I laid down. I read paperback books, I watched sports and I went fishing." says Chuck. That year, he also met his wife Rosemarie, the impetus and inspiration behind the cut Sb Ro on Chuck's latest recording.

Most recently, Chuck returned to the environment that brought him back to recording and has laid down his newest release Everything For Love. In this perhaps, his most personal and reflective recording to date, Chuck reveals his true loves and the reason he has remained an influential Jazz icon for over 30 years.

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