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Clint Holmes and his dynamic 12-piece band promise an unforgettable show! Clint Holmes is more than a singer. Like a painter with a blank canvas, he makes every performance an original. Clint's magnetic stage presence embraces the upbeat side of life. When Clint is on stage, anything can happen........

Named Atlantic City's Entertainer of the Year three times, the multi-talented, charismatic Clint Holmes is an American Treasure. Audiences continue to recognize Clint as 'The Entertainer' they come to see and hear. He is currently under a multi-year contract to headline at Harrah's Las Vegas Casino & Hotel and recently was voted "Best Singer in Las Vegas."

Clint's first break came when Joan Rivers invited him to be her sidekick and announcer on the now defunct "The Late Show." This was followed by a two-year stint on "Entertainment Tonight," for which he served as their musical feature and event correspondent.

Although his visibility was greatly enhanced by those roles, it wasn't until he landed his own Emmy-winning talk/variety show on WWOR-TV that it all came together for Clint. New York at Night featured celebrity guests from the worlds of film, TV, theatre and music. Clint, in his dual role as host and singer, had the opportunity to showcase the full range of his talents as he performed, interviewed guests, and interacted with his audience.

Born in England, Clint is the son of an African-American jazz musician and a British opera singer. When he was eight, his musical indoctrination began with his mother teaching him classic vocal techniques at home, while his dad showed him how to scat-sing in the jazz clubs. Clint admits it was the best of two musical worlds. Today he says, "My mom taught me how to sing correctly and my dad taught me how to enjoy it."

After high school, Clint was a voice major in the highly regarded music program at New York's Fredonia State College. He did well in music and began his career performing in Buffalo nightclubs.

Eventually, Uncle Sam called and Clint willingly joined the Army. Selecting the music program, he served as a trombone player in the Army Band at the combination Army/Navy music school in Norfolk, Va. He lobbied for a chance to sing and got his wish, performing "Alfie" at a promotion ceremony for his commanding officer. Alfie was the name of his C.O.'s mother. Clint was called in and promoted three ranks to sergeant and kept on staff as a singer.

Later, he was transferred to Washington, D.C. where, as a member of the Army Chorus, he sang at the White House and at many state functions. He spent 10 years based in the nation's capital, building a club career up and down the East Coast. It was during this time that Clint met Brenda, his wife and the mother of their three children, Brent and twins, Brittany and Cooper. Clint and family have enjoyed the advantages of living on both coasts. Las Vegas is now home but their friendships span the Americas and Europe.

Among his various recordings, Clint had a "Top Ten" smash hit, Playground In My Mind (My Name Is Michael). His audiences are always surprised to learn Clint was the voice in the popular Lowenbrau commercial (Here's to good friends...). His newest album, "Clint Holmes Live!", was released in March 2001 and is available for purchase after Clint's show at Harrah's.

Clint is one of Prince Albert's favorite entertainers, and jets off to Monte Carlo every summer at the Royal Family's request to appear at the Sporting Club, Hotel Paris, and other hot spots. His sizzling performance has taken him from London, Germany, and Italy to Las Vegas, always leaving his audience wanting more.

Clint Holmes has won many prestigious awards, including:
* Best Singer in Las Vegas
* Las Vegas' Best-Kept Secret
* Buffalo, NY Musical Hall of Fame
* Casino Legends Hall of Fame

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