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Connie's claim to fame was her endearing and classic role as Cricket Blake in the hit series HawaIIan Eye, making Connie a household name. Connie quickly became one of American's teen idols of the 60's and one of the most popular role models for teenage girls across the globe.

Connie's career as an actress began with roles in films like Eighteen and Anxious, Young and Dangerous and Rock-a-Bye Baby. In the early 1960's, Connie appeared with heartthrob Troy Donahue in a series of films that include Parish and Palm Springs Weekend.

Connie has always maintained a steady line of various roles on television, receiving critical acclaim for her controversial role and performance in the ABC TV Movie of the Week, The Sex Symbol. Connie showed a powerful reserve of dramatic talents that gave her thinly disguised portrayal of Marilyn Monroe a life of its own.

She starred opposite George Burns in the popular television series Wendy and Me. She also starred in Starting from Scratch, Scruples, Bring Me The Head of Dobie Gills, Murder She Wrote and she was the most popular guest on The Love Boat. She was also Neil Simons Star Spangled Gfrlon Broadway.

The pride and joy of Connie's life are her daughters Joley and Trisha from her marriage to Eddie Fisher. Connie single handedly raised both daughters while maintaining her demanding career. When time permits, Joley and Trisha join their Mom in concert. Cedar Sinai Medical Center Helping Hand recently honored Connie as Parent Of The Year. The Shriners Hospital, The Chapel of Four Chaplains, and the USO with the Joint Chiefs of Staff in attendance in Washington also honored her.

Connie has devoted much of her time and influence to help those less fortunate and her work with Native American Indians is widely recognized. Connie's project Windfeather has enabled the awarding of 83 full collage scholarships for Native American Youths. Her first documentary film, A Healing, shot in Vietnam has won 4 film festival awards dedicated to the women and the young warriors of Vietnam. All proceeds go to many Veteran charities.

Connie has also made landmark strides with Dignity in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, helping the mentally and physically challenged to become working members of the community.

Connie has also experienced phenomenal success in the business sector, having created one of the most talked about and popular cosmetic skin care product lines in the beauty industry. Forever Spring, The Beauty System has become one of America's most successful beauty lines and it continues to grow. Earnings from the Home Shopping Network alone grossed over 1 billion dollars. Considered one of the 500 top female executives in the United States, Connie has owned and operated her company for 13 years.

With a whirlwind schedule of touring, film and television commitments, producing and writing it is no wonder Connie can be considered "a woman for all seasons." Her energy, determination, talent and generosity truly make Connie a "Super Star."

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