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Born in Glasgow, Scotland, Craig entered the world of late night comedy following a diverse and electric career that encompasses film, television and stage. Since taking the helm of The Late Late Show in January of 2005, the show continues to break records every week - ratings wise.

Craig got his start in the entertainment industry as a drummer for some of the worst punk bands in the U.K., a profession he held for several years. Following his musical stint, he began bartending in a local Glasgow pub where he met a theater director who persuaded him to give acting a shot. After several low paying gigs, Craig discovered he had a knack for comedy and was soon the star of his own BBC television show, The Ferguson Theory.

Eventually Craig brought his act to America in 1995 to star with Betty White and Marie Osmond in the short-lived ABC comedy Maybe This Time. After the show ended, Craig moved to the Drew Carey Show, playing Drew's boss, Nigel Wick.

Craig is also a director making his directorial debut with I'll Be There, which he also wrote and starred in. I'll Be There went on to receive the Audience Award for the Best Film at the Aspen, Dallas and Valencia Film Festivals. He was also named "best new director" at the Napa Valley Film Festival. Craig's other film credits include, Niagara Motel, Lemony Snicket's, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Lenny the Wonder Dog, Life Without Dick, Chain of Fools, Born Romantic and The Big Tease.

Craig has won over the late-night television crowd and now he has dipped into the literary waters with his novel Between the Bridge and River. It's a comic story with an eclectic cast of characters, taking a dig at just about everyone.

Between the Bridge and River tells the story of two childhood friends from Scotland and two illegitimate half-brothers from the American South who endures a series of bizarre experiences which turn out to be strangely meaningful. Craig states it was a story he had to get it out and writing a book gave him the freedom he would not otherwise have on the air.

Unlike other late night talk shows that have their own band, Craig starts his show by singing his own lyrics. His monologue often includes self-deprecating remarks about his past experience with alcoholism, smoking and his two divorces, in a light-hearted manner. He also has a witty way of calling his audience, in studio and at home, a variety of nicknames such as his frisky little badgers and cheeky weeky monkeys, the latter accompanied by a whip-crack from his sound machine.

The Late Late Show often includes a segment in which he impersonates various celebrities while wearing amusing wigs and characterizing figures such as Michael Caine, Sean Connery, Larry King, Mick Jagger, Dr. Phil and Prince Charles.

Craig is in the process of becoming a US citizen, and recently started to try to get Honoary Citizenship from every State in America. So far, he has received honorary citizen status from many cities and several states such Arkansas, North Dakota, Nevada, Texas and Wyoming.

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