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Creole Heat

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"Creole Heat" is not the ordinary Las Vegas revue. No impersonators, no showgirls and no magicians. Instead it is a well-crafted vignette of laughter, drama and delight staged in a distinctive setting that is the New Orleans of today. “Creole Heat” is full of everything that makes the great city of New Orleans great! The language, the food, the music and the style of a city that is notorious for its uniqueness and mystique.

“Creole Heat” begins with a traditional parade, much like the parades that grace New Orleans on a regular basis, with songs that are unique to the city ’s past and present. The parade leads us to Ms. Desiree’s boarding house, where the story begins and the stage is brought to life with traditional and contemporary music indicative of the city’s mood. Songs like “Jambalaya Crawfish Pie” are given a twist with a slow funk-like groove that creates the atmosphere of comfort and ease. “Lady Marmalade,” taken from the recently released movie “Moulin Rouge,” shows the skill of the vocalists and lends its modern flair that is very much a part of “Creole Heat.”

Leading the cast of characters is Tim Searcy, one of Las Vegas’ premier performers. In his role as “Creole Red,” Tim’s impeccable singing and tap dancing abilities add immeasurable professionalism and distinction to the performance. A voice and name that is familiar to most of Las Vegas is that of Lucy Lucil. Lucy plays the matron of the boarding house, “Ms. Desiree,” and lends a crafty vocal presentation to rival any other. Jennifer Mise plays “CC” whose belt voice is incomparable and abilities range from all genres of music to dancing and acting. Denita Asberry has grown to be a Las Vegas favorite with her powerful display of vocalization and knack for improvisation. Last but certainly not least, Kellie Karl, our only New Orleans native Kellie adds her flair for comedy, singing and authenticity to the stage. A producer and dancer, Kellie helps to bring New Orleans to Las Vegas with the history and knowledge of the city so affectionately called the “Big Easy.”

Creole Heat is a treat not to be missed and a refreshing alternative for Las Vegas.

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