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When we speak about the beginnings of popularized R&B there are few people come to mind and that special few is the sensational and gifted lady, the Beautiful Miss Diana Ross. Her roots go back nearly 6 decades in her humble beginnings in Detroit, Michigan. Many great music legends were yet to be born from this part of the world and Diana would soon to be one of them. Born in March 1944, she started as young as 15 in an all girl music group named the Primettes. Mary Wilson along with Florence Ballard and Betty McGlown also who was in the group together won a talent contest over the border in Canada, that was their platform to stardom. Back in Detroit, musicians were popping up everywhere, Motown Records was in full swing and in 1959 the girls did an audition that would lead to a lifetime of success. Two years later, Motown CEO Berry Gordy finally decided to signed them up, made a name adjustment from the Primettes to The Supremes. As the girl group went from 4 to 3 it became clear that this was the making of something special renaming them as Diana Ross and the Supremes. Their first big hit in the early summer of 64 swept radios world wide with their first famous hit, "Where Did Our Love Go". The 60's produced so many innovative & memorable #1 hits for the group and their mark on history in the making made so many girl groups from that point on. If you were in the U.K. back in the music explosion days, you were immersed in the best of times as far as music goes.

The next decade started with the end of Diana Ross & The Supremes as their final last concert together was in Las Vegas at the Frontier Hotel on January 14, 1970. Diana Ross contracted as a solo artist in March 1970 and hasn't stopped!. Her hits, her movies, and her presence has been a great contribution and a gift to an ever changing climate such as the music world. Today she's as gorgeous and healthy as her younger days and still going strong on stage and off, a much valued treasure in the roots of American pop music and so much more to come, Thank You Miss Ross for giving shape to an important part of our history!

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