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Dirk Arthur

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Welcome a new era in the world of illusion - welcome Dirk Arthur: Master Illusionist and magician extraordinaire. Arthur has raised the bar to a whole new level, heralding in The New Art of Magic. Enter Dirk's world, where nothing is as it seems.

Whether it's an instantaneous appearance of an authentic helicopter, a levitating car that dissolves in mid air; stripes that magically vanish from a live tiger; or spectacular television stunts void of all the usual staging and curtains, Dirk Arthur is the must-see illusionist of out time.

Forget every magic show you have ever seen in the past. The magic of Dirk Arthur is revolutionary. He's been named a rival to David Copperfield by New York Daily News, He's been called "bloody marvellous" by Showtime Magazine of Las Vegas. His presentation style has been compared to the old-time favourites of the genre with a new, hip charismatic warmth that emulates from the stage and captures your heart.

Visionary Arthur has devoted his life to perfecting his craft. Years of research, collaboration and invention along with thousands of live performances have won him the accolades of fans and industry peers as well. This experience and devotion has paid off big time, offering the world of illusion a brand new master showman and artist -- Dirk Arthur.

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