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Dr. Naughty: X-rated Comedy Hypnotist

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Volunteers are invited onto the stage; "Dr. Naughty" rapidly hypnotizes the group and quickly unmasks the volunteers' interesting personality traits. He then demolishes their inhibitions. While his assistants dress the participants in quick-change costumes "Dr. Naughty" is busy setting the stage and hypnotically implanting the suggestions. Then "Dr. Naughty" counts to three, and at the snap of his fingers he triggers hilariously naughty "Hypno-Sketches" into action.

The deeply hypnotized volunteers are transformed into make-believe characters. As the natural creativity of the subjects unfolds, child-like role-playing emerges and the idiosyncrasies of humanity quickly take over. Before long, the audience is roaring with laughter.

"Dr. Naughty's" style coupled with his comedic wit and spontaneity turns the unexpected responses into a crowd-pleasing show that has more entertainment value than do many Las Vegas Strip productions.

Under hypnosis, a person can experience perceptual oddities such as imagining smelling bad odors that don't exist, or feeling hot or cold at "Dr. Naughty's" suggestion. One can even unexpectedly stutter or momentarily forget one's name at the snap of "Dr. Naughty's" fingers.

But "Dr. Naughty's" specialty is concentrating on the creative and psychodynamic aspects of the personalities of his volunteers. By doing so he creates extremely funny situations in which his volunteers interact with each other in a "virtual" social encounter. The resulting behavior would - in most cases - be out of the realm of the individual's normal capacities. "Dr. Naughty's" routines are interlaced with the spontaneity of outrageous comments by the volunteers, and the show is guided according to the participants' personalities and audience demands.

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