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The MGM Grand continues to set new standards for on-stage entertainment in its 1,700-seat "EFX" Theatre.

The "EFX" show opened in March 1995 with "Phantom of the Opera" legend Michael Crawford. David Cassidy took the reigns as the star November 1996 through December 1998. The nine-time Tony Award winner and the "first gentleman of Broadway," Tommy Tune then brought his myriad of strengths as an entertainer to the show in January 1999 to December 2000.

* "EFX ALIVE" is one of the largest production shows in terms of cost with a price tag of $45 million, plus an additional $30 million invested in the reconstruction of the EFX Theatre, home of the show.
* Originally designed for headliner acts including Sinatra and Jay Leno, the Grand Theatre was gutted and reconstructed specifically for the March 1995 opening of "EFX."
* The EFX Theatre was originally "christened" by the late Frank Sinatra at the MGM Grand Hotel/Casino's grand opening in December 1993.
* One of the largest casts of any production, "EFX ALIVE" has more than 70 dancers, singers, aerialists, and acrobats.
* Technically speaking, "EFX ALIVE" boasts 6,000 lights, NASA computer technology, and 85,000 watts of stereo sound.
* The show features one of the largest 3-D films ever produced.
* Twice nightly, "EFX ALIVE" attracts 3,400 guests. Since its opening in 1995, more than two million guests have experienced the show.
* Among the special effects that make "EFX ALIVE" famous is the fog wall composed of liquid nitrogen and steam. Each show uses about 15,000 cubic feet of liquid nitrogen. When humidity is high, the fog creeps into the audience.
* Approximately 10 lbs. of pyrotechnic materials better known as class "C" explosives are used during each performance.
* Flames are created in several of the show's scenes by using natural gas or CNG. Each show produces a total of 475,000 BTUs or the equivalent of 31 full-length barbecues.
* The dragons in the Merlin scene of "EFX ALIVE" cost more than $1 million each. The company that created the "Jurassic Park" dinosaurs also created Morgana, the smaller more technologically advanced dragon.
* The show's Merlin Mountain weighs 130,000 lbs.
* Set designer David Mitchell has won two Tony Awards and has been nominated seven times.
* "EFX ALIVE" has 85 tons of flying scenery and lighting effects.
* It is unlikely that "EFX ALIVE" will ever take to the road as four jet aircraft tow motors with 30,000 lbs. of towing capacity are required to move the scenery.
* "EFX ALIVE" has the biggest show sets in Las Vegas each weighing approximately 23,000 pounds. The stage scenery alone weighs over two tons.
* The Alien-themed costumes from Intergalactic Circus of Wonders in the P.T. Barnum scene cost between $15,000 to $25,000 each.
* Original costume design was created by award-winning designer Theoni Aldredge. Greek born, Aldredge has designed for more theatre, opera, ballet, television and feature film than anyone else in the industry. The recipient of three Tony Awards and a special Tony Award for "A Chorus Line," she has also been acknowledged with an Academy Award for her costume design for "The Great Gatsby."
* More than 450 costumes appear in the show comprised of over 2,000 pieces.
* The total "EFX ALIVE" costume collection for the cast of 70 is valued at over $3 million.
* It takes a wardrobe cast of 24, including dressers, costumers, seamers and wig stylists to maintain the costumes and wigs for the cast.
* There are 35 various styles of shoes in the show. In most Las Vegas shows, the styles are limited to three or four styles of shoes.
* The show's female performers have up to five wig changes with a total of over 120 wigs and hairpieces.

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