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Fielding West

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Fielding consistently maintains the full attention of the audience with hilariously shocking illusions, tongue-in-cheek renditions of classic magic and good-natured audience participation. A special appearance (and momentarily disturbing disappearance) by Fielding's long-time feathered friend and co-star, Bob the Bird, is sure to induce a nervous chuckle from the crowd. Twists abound in classic magic moments involving newspapers, oranges, money, a man-eating tiger and countless other props and visual aids including the beautiful showgirls he uses as assistants (and oftentimes, pleasant diversions)!

Fielding's wild reputation as a stellar comedy magician comes from his numerous appearances in television specials including A&E’s An Evening at the Improv, NBC's World's Greatest Magic, Caroline’s Comedy Hour, and NBC’s World's Wildest Magicians hosted by Penn & Teller. He is often asked by other top magicians to write original magic and dialogue for shows, television scripts and illusions.

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