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Frank Caliendo

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Frank Caliendo has been everywhere. From Leno to Letterman and O'Brien to Kimmel, Caliendo's comedic abilities have taken him to the top of the late show circuit and given him his own Comedy Central specials. With a run on MadTV and his own TBS Network show, Frank TV (not to mention plenty of commercials) we're sure you know more of this comedianís work than you think.

Caliendo is famous for impersonating actors, politicians and even world leaders. Audiences will love his takes on Al Pacino, Robin Williams, Robert DeNiro, Jay Leno, David Letterman, Jim Rome, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton plus many others. But it's Caliendo's impression of football legend John Madden that got him the most attention in his career. Football fans will recognize Caliendo from his appearances on the NFL pre-gam shows alongside Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long, and Jimmy Johnson in character as John Madden. His dead-on impersonation earned him a loyal following and now you can see him live at the Monte Carlo.

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