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Headlights & Tailpipes

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* "Headlights & Tailpipes" is a titillating adult revue with many award-winning variety acts that celebrate the love of fast cars, motorcycles and women.

* "Headlights & Tailpipes" is the show that gets your motor running with sultry cars such as a 2007 Shelby Cobra, Deuce Coupe, classic Corvette, Thunderbird, pink Cadillac, and the famous car from the hit movie Starsky & Hutch.

* Playboy Playmate Lauren Anderson hosts the show with sexy numbers and costumes created to resemble car emblems and characters such as "Porsche" and "Mercedes."

* "Headlights & Tailpipes" provides cutting edge theatrical technology, heart-pounding music and beautiful models.

* "Headlights and Tailpipes" is a joint effort from famed theater creator, Jeff Kutash and ValCom, Inc. who have created an adult sensation that incorporates Playboy Playmates and the hottest cars from legendary television shows and blockbuster films.

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