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Honky Tonk Angels

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Sharon Haynes' Award-Winning "honky Tonk Angels" are celebrating four years of performances in the Gold Coast Hotel & Casino Showroom. The “Angels” familiar voices, tributes and "down-home comedy" with their dinner/show ticket have earned a reputation as the "best entertainment value in Las Vegas". They have developed a large base of fans, both locals and tourists. Many patrons return to see the show time and again—( at the Valentine show as "Patsy Cline" kissed a red "Tennessee Tattoo" on his head, one local announced he and his wife had been 46 times!!.) Many such repeats to the show are heard about frequently.

The fact that the "Angels" are careful to keep the show fresh with new featured tributes that constantly rotate supports such a return crowd. They have built a fan base from all over the world, folks who say they make it a point to always visit the “Honky Tonk Angels” whenever they come to Vegas from England, Australia, Scotland, Canada, Germany and many other parts of the world. The "Angels" are a mainstay in the itinerary of Vegas visitors and locals alike.

Sub-billing for the “Angels” four years ago was “A warm and endearing Country Musical Experience!” It certainly has been---and still is! In the three-week run of the “4th Anniversary Show –March 17th thru April 7-- Sharon Haynes, Lori Legacy and Corrie Sachs will reprise the “Best of The Best” of the “Angel” shows, including a step outside the Country Music circle for some special moments as the “The Andrews” Sisters” and “The McGuire Sisters” in addition to a variety of their various tributes to Great Ladies of Country Music. Lolli Jones, featured string instrumentalist, will be playing a rollicking hoe-down with the 6-piece “Cool Country Crew Band” to accompany the “Angels” .

Sharon Haynes won three of the six awards in Entertainment Network’s international competition in Orlando, Florida in January. From hundreds of shows submitted, the judges who were Universal Studios’ Executive Producers, selected “Honky Tonk Angels” and “Serendipity” for half of the available awards in “Best Shows” categories. The judges considered her productions to be “most refreshing and unique....very enjoyable” after watching tapes of larger, run-of-the-mill major productions. Sharon said, “I felt like I was at the Academy Awards, as thrilled as I was, I felt just a little embarrassed by getting up and taking three of the six trophies! I told them all, “Believe me, I don’t have enough money to ‘buy’ these!” I’m thrilled and much of the credit, beyond producer, goes to the performers who have the vast talent and ability to pull it off, as well—and such are the casts of “Honky Tonk Angels” and “Serendipity” !

The “Angels” have carved their niche in Las Vegas entertainment history in a warm and endearing country music way with their classic portrayals of “Patsy, Reba, Dolly” and with lots of laughter for everyone. The family-oriented show is presented nightly except Tuesdays at the Gold Coast Hotel Showroom at 8 P.M. As always it is a family-oriented show----and it’s still the “best show and show/dinner deal in all of Las Vegas!

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