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Hotel California

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Hotel California a "Salute to the Eagles" was founded with the intent of filling the void left by the demise of The Eagles in 1982. By blending the bands extraordinary vocal musical talents, Hotel California faithfully and accurately reproduces the sound of The Eagles studio recordings while recreating a classic sound which undeniably transcends the boundaries of Rock, R&B, and Country.

The band is comprised of five respected multi-talented top music industry professionals. This dynamic, highly acclaimed stage show incorporates their very own world renowned vocal harmony, and authentic instrumentation, including all specialty instruments in a stage spectacle that is both modern and exciting.

Each concert showcases The Eagles mega hits such as Take It Easy, Heartache Tonight, Love Will Keep Us Alive, Desperado, Best Of My Love, Life In The Fast Lane and Hotel California. Hotel California is the title song from The Eagles' album of the same name released as a single in early 1977. It is one of the best-known songs of the album-oriented rock era that won a Grammy Award for Record of the Year in 1978. The magic and mystique of this truly timeless music is as powerful as it is captivating. It is a journey down a dark desert highway feeling the cool wind in your hair, and experiencing all the Grammy award winning tunes.

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