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Huey Lewis and The News have been defying the rock oddsmakers for two decades. In 1999, they celebrated their 20th Anniversary. As they embark on their third decade, the band of rival musicians from San Francisco will continue to carry the banner as the quintessential American rock band, endearing them to millions of fans and earning them the right to mark their place on the pop history map.

With more than a dozen chart toppers to their credit, Huey Lewis and The News penned some of the most recognizable tunes in music. The Grammy Award winners have written and performed such classics as "Heart of Rock and Roll," "Stuck With You," "I Want a New Drug," "If This Is It," "Workiní for a Living" and "The Power of Love" which was nominated for an Oscar with the hit movie Back To The Future.

As great a recording career as the band has had, their live performances remain legendary. Huey Lewis and The News have incorporated a variety of musical influences, including R&B and soul, to create their own unique sound. One highlight of their show is an a cappella rendition of early rock classics such as "Sixty Minute Man," "So In Love" and "Itís Alright."

Huey Lewis and The News are: Huey Lewis, vocals and harmonica; Johnny Colla, saxophone, guitar and vocals; Bill Gibson, drums, percussion and vocals; Sean Hopper, keyboards and vocals; Stef Burns, guitars and vocals and John Pierce, bass. For six years, the band has been touring with a handpicked horn section of Bay Area luminaries. They include: Marvin McFadden, trumpet; Ron Stallings, tenor saxophone and Rob Sudduth, baritone saxophone.

Find Performances for Huey Lewis & The News in Other Areas.

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