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Human Nature

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"Smokey Robinson Presents Australia’s Human Nature – The Ultimate Celebration of Motown" showcases the distinctive, dynamic harmonies of members Toby Allen, Phil Burton, Andrew Tierney and Michael Tierney. This quartet is known for outstanding concert and stage performances and has toured with Céline Dion and Michael Jackson.

Human Nature performs with a talented live band in the remodeled showroom, upgraded with a premium sound system to highlight their voices and a state-of-the-art set designed by David Rudder and lights by Yves Aucoin (Céline Dion A New Day…).

Human Nature has been one of Australia's biggest acts since its 1995 quadruple-platinum debut, Telling Everybody. The band’s last four multi-platinum albums have all debuted at No. 1. and they’ve charted 17 Top 40 hits and five Top 10 singles. Their first American album will be released this year.

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