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The Artist Formerly Known as Milo Tremley
By Esther Lynn

Professor Milo, Marriage Counselor, was born in the creative mind of comic James Lee Reeves. He comes to entertain and to "ejucate" (a word that pops up frequently in his act) the public.

The self-proclaimed "dean of human relations," Professor Milo suggests dozens of ways to ruin a perfectly normal marriage. The Professor is not your typical marital counselor. This is a therapy session the audience won't soon forget. "People remember lyrics, not lectures," says the onetime Las Vegas/Mt. Charleston resident. One doesn’t know if the Professors’ advice on relationships will help or hinder. What it definitely WILL do is generate nods of understanding and plenty of laughter.

A highlight of the act involves a Question and Answer segment. Using his "expertise" as a relationship expert, the Professor (described as "Dr. Phil meets Hee-Haw") offers wise advice in response to inquiries provided by audience members. If you have a problem that you don’t mind sharing with a crowd that came for fun, be prepared to fill out a very brief questionnaire before the show.

If you are not married, have never been married, have no intention of getting married, fear will still get plenty of bang for your buck. There is much more to this fellow than relationship rescues. If you are a music fan, Reeves’ take on Clint Eastwood channeling Bob Dylan, Elvis, ZZ Top, Willie Nelson and Mick Jagger, will have you stomping your feet, clapping your hands and laughing out loud.

In the case of James Lee Reeves, you definitely can’t tell THIS book by its cover. James began his entertainment career while attending UCLA. He graduated with a degree in history but his natural comedic talent and strong love for music changed "history," leading him to the entertainment field instead. It was during this period that the ne'er-do-well, self-acclaimed star, Milo Tremley, was created.

With guitar in hand, the wise philosopher uses songs such as "Go Ugly Early," "Bitchy Woman," "Sleeping Beauty," "Road Kill," "Velvet Elvis," "If Your Heart's As Big As Your Butt Is" "Thunder Thighs" and "Baby's Gone Muscle-bound," to entertain and "educate." A number of Reeves’ hits are available on his Kick Ass U.S.A.! CD, while his words of wisdom (as Marriage Counselor, Professor Milo) are preserved forever on his latest CD, They’re-A-Pist.

Reeves’ act is a unique combination of hard laugh humor and music that makes him one of the most entertaining and sought-after headliners on the comedy circuit today. He has been featured on the popular syndicated radio shows "Bob and Tom" and "Doctor Demento" along with a number of other radio and television stations around the country.

..."To say he was a SMASHING SUCCESS is an understatement! He galvanized the 7,500 capacity concert audience with the most entertaining, original and unique set of the evening and was rewarded with standing ovations, great laughs and thundering applause!" stated Mike Ginsburg of Las Vegas’s KWNR/95.5 FM, in referring to James’ gig at the Aladdin Theatre for The Performing Arts as opening act for Mark Chesnutt. The comic also warmed up the audience for pop musical group Exile (with the No. 1 hit "Kiss You All Over") in the same venue.

Club owners and entertainment managers also have their opinions about this talent.
"What a jerk. This sophomoric egotist acts like he owns the place. (Just Kidding)" Anonymous Club Owner; "Milo is absolutely incredible! He's one of the most original comedians I've ever seen! He should be a superstar!" Anthony Lane, Planet Gemini in Monterey, CA; "Milo is wonderful! He's off the wall, and refreshing... I wish we could have him every month!" Mitzi Shore, The Comedy Store in Los Angeles, CA; "He's an outstanding performer - hilarious. He's one of my all time favorites! We'll have him back, and back, and back again!" Mike Smith, Comedy House in Macon, GA; "Milo is a top professional, and a polished performer. He brings in the crowds, and keeps them coming back. He's also one of our top draws!" Lucy Bibbee, Hilarities in Akron, OH; "Milo was wonderful. He kept the crowd totally entertained. The response to him was phenomenal - and he packed out every show!" Angel Hill, Jokers in Dayton, OH; and "Milo did extremely well. He had the crowds laughing uncontrollably. It was definitely a successful week having Milo, and we won't hesitate having him return!" says Cliff Diedrick, Skyline Comedy Club in Appleton, WI.

This parody singer, songwriter, guitarist, comedian extraordinaire has headlined major comedy clubs across the nation and has opened for Charlie Daniels, The Beach Boys and many other top stars. Willie Nelson invited Reeves to perform at Farm Aid VI. At the end of his performance, this master of mayhem brought a stadium of 40,000 plus newly inducted fans to their feet. He is a favorite at the Sands in Reno and has performed in Las Vegas since the late ‘80s. As a regular at Mitzi Shore’s Comedy Store at both the Golden Nugget and the Dunes, Budd Friedman’s Improv at Harrah’s, and the comedy club at the, then newly-opened, Rio, James Lee Reeves and his alter egos have built a loyal following. In recent years, the Riviera Comedy Club has been the Professor’s classroom. The hotel’s former entertainment director, Steve Schirripa (now portraying Bobby Bacala on The Sopranos, and the author of A Goomba’s Guide to Life and A Goomba’s Guide to Love), uses his former position and respected suggestions to keep one of his favorite comics on the Riv’s rotating acts list. Schirripa knows that the Reeves character is a real crowd-pleaser.

The Southeast Entertainer wrote, "The man is an amazing ball of concentrated talent and all around dynamic performer. James Lee Reeves/Milo Tremley can unashamedly call himself a REAL ENTERTAINER and laugh merchant par excellence! They just don't come any funnier!"

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