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Justin Tranz

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Like other great comedic entertainers, Tranz pushes the outer limits of humor with his unconventional approach to entertainment.

From his weekly Television Series "Extreme Truth" on Playboy TV to his Live Show in Downtown Las Vegas at the Lady Luck Casino... You will be amazed by his thorough understanding of the human mind. Just like a Surgeon, Tranz skillfully operates on your psyche, your fears and your funny bone, with the "Power of Suggestion."

In less than a second, volunteers are placed into a very highly suggestible state of mind (Hypnosis). Next, he puts them into comical situations and sends them on exciting adventures that leave his sold-out audiences limp with laughter.

A unique feature of the shows is that no two are alike because the participants are taken directly from the audience. The differences in personalities take the show in unpredictable directions every night. You see the show once, and you will feel compelled to see it again and again!

TRANZ also knows the serious side of hypnosis, and the benefits it can bring. He has, through both seminars and personal sessions, helped thousands in their bid to stop smoking, lose weight or attain other personal goals. He has also worked with CEO's, corporate professionals, and athletes in all sports and levels of competition. His powerful demonstrations offer spellbinding entertainment, a unique message, and incredible results.

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